TextLater – Review

On January 2, 2009

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TextLater – Review

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By: TextLater

Version #: 1.1.1

Date Released: 2008-08-28


Price: 0.99

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I posted on TextLater last week but after using the app for a few days it clearly deserves a full review

With textlater you not only control what you text but when the text is delivered  if you Want a message delivered at specific time you just type your text, determine a recipient, and use TextLater to set a time and a date.
The app’s interface is easy to use and  absolutely straightforward.  TextLater has multiple uses, including sending simple reminders to yourself or someone else.

I can see using this app in multiple was and a recent update means you can now send messages to any carrier worldwide. It does not, as one reader noted, mean the app is available in all countries.

Quick Take

Value: Very high for anyone who uses sms regularly
Would I Buy Again: Absolutely
Learning Curve: Low- the app is designed to be easy to use.
Who Is It For: People whp sms and/or want an easy way to set and receive reminders
What I Like: Adds a great funtion to texting on the iPhone
What I Don’t: Nothing stand out

Final Statement: A great added practical function for just $.99.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Set a date/time for your text messages to be sent!With TextLater, limitless possibilities are opened with many practical uses:• Middle of the night and too late to send a text? Schedule it to be automatically sent first thing in the morning.• Send yourself reminders at any date/time with a convenient "Me" button.• Worried that you will forget to send an important text message? Schedule it to be sent at a specific date/time, and you don't have to remember to send it anymore!• Many other possible uses with TextLaterWith an easy-to-use interface, TextLater introduces scheduled text messaging to the iPhone for the first time ever. Get started today!* Text messages may only be sent to cell phones within the AT&T Wireless/Cingular network. (TextLater will soon expand to all other networks).
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