The Adventures of Tintin – Review – Relive Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation on your iOS device

On January 10, 2012

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The Adventures of Tintin – Review – Relive Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation on your iOS device

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By: Gameloft

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2011-12-15

Developer: Gameloft

Price: 4.99

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The Adventures of Tintin – The Game is an iOS game—make that THE iOS game—based on the new performance-capture CGI film directed by none other than Steven Spielberg titled The Adventures of Tintin, which in turn is based on the famous comic books written and drawn by Belgian author Hergé, chronicling the adventures of an intrepid journalist named Tintin. While the film adaptation took all its cues from Hergé’s original comics, the game understandly took its own cues from Spielberg’s film. Not surprisingly, especially since it’s developed by electronic gaming giant Gameloft, The Adventures of Tintin boasts rich 3-D graphics, sounds, and environments akin to those found in the film.

The story that runs through the game is also drawn straight out of the film. In fact, the game lets you revisit the plot of the film through game chapters requiring you to perform various tasks. But liberties concerning characters and plot points were of course taken in developing the game so as to significantly differentiate it from its immediate source material. And between this welcome innovation and the numerous clever touches in gameplay, The Adventures of Tintin is easily one of the best and most interactive games on iOS, whether film-based or otherwise.

The Adventures of Tintin - The GameAs in the film, the story starts with Tintin getting ahold of a miniature model of an ancient galleon called the Unicorn, which, legend has it, holds a treasure trove of secrets. From there, Tintin—with his famous tuft of hair at full mast and his loyal fox terrier companion, Snowy, in tow—gets entangled in a globe-trotting web of mystery and intrigue involving a habitually drunk but ever faithful ship captain named Haddock and a monomaniacal man dubiously named Sakharine.

Formally, The Adventures of Tintin is a mish-mash succession of semi-static chapter introductions, cinematic in-game clips, and, most prominently, interactive mini-games. In presenting all of these the app takes advantage of the touchscreen and tilt capabilities afforded by the iOS platform. For instance, provided the optional motion controls are activated, you can hold and move your device 360 degrees while searching, as though through a pair of binoculars, for stranded soldiers in a desert, whom you must tap before they’re hit by an imminent sandstorm.

The Adventures of Tintin - The GameBut Tintin isn’t the only game character you are required to control. Where logistically necessary, you’ll be tasked to guide Snowy through burrows and air vents and Capt. Haddock across the deck of his ship while avoiding the attention of his double-crossing crew. This multi-character gameplay and much, much more, including jigsaw puzzles and turnaround character models external to the game itself, makes The Adventures of Tintin worthy to carry the beloved boy reporter’s name.

Quick Take

Value:Very high.

Would I Buy Again:A resounding yes.

Learning Curve:Fairly low, as there are visual cues to aid the player.

Who Is It For:Fans of the Tintin comics, fans of the recent film, or fans of well-designed and immersive games.

What I Like:Superb art direction, a variety of mini-games and activities, John Williams-inspired music.

What I Don't Like:Misplaced shadows—but that's just a nitpick.

Final Statement:Holy snakes! The Adventures of Tintin offers hours of gameplay propelled by its source film's plot and enabled by the iOS platform's tricks.

Read the Developer's Notes:
“One of the best and most imaginative film tie-ins I’ve played for years. […] Both fans and newcomers to the boy reporter’s travels will find plenty to enjoy with this stylish adventure” – Pocket Gamer
“The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn is by far one of the most complete gameplay experiences you can find on iOS.” – Touch Gen 4.5/5

Explore the exciting world of The Adventures of Tintin™ in the official iPhone & iPad game of the movie! Treasure and adventure await those who seek to unravel the Secret of the Unicorn!

Sneak your way past guards, engage in a swordfight, pilot a plane, solve puzzles, race a camel and discover many more exciting experiences.

Tintin can’t do this alone! He’ll need the help of his friends. You’ll take control of his dog Snowy, Captain Haddock and even the legendary Sir Francis Haddock during the great Age of Pirates.

Players of all ages will enjoy the game. Accessible controls allow you to easily interact with the environment. With just a swipe of your finger (or a tilt of your device), you’ll be exploring the world, collecting items, and fighting off villains.

Every building and character was carefully recreated in stunning 3D graphics that perfectly matches the style of the movie. See for yourself what it’s like to walk through Marlinspike Mansion, the desert, and the Karaboudjan ship.

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