Time Surfer Review – Time stops for this one

On February 19, 2013

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Time Surfer Review – Time stops for this one

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By: Kumobius

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2013-01-09

Developer: Time Surfer Support

Price: 0.99

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Remember Tiny Wings game? And how that lead to a ton of similar apps? Well, Time Surfer is a late follower but only this time, it is much better than the original.

You are the surfer with control of space and time. The intergalactic path is filled with dunes and dips and just like Tiny Wings, you accelerate in downslopes and release in upslopes. The game is all about momentum where you crash land in case of a wrongly timed dash or other times, you are thrown into the skies when everything is perfect. That is where things ended with Tiny Wings but Time Surfer has lot more to offer.

Whenever you fall into a pit or crash land or hit a mine, left tap to reverse the time (Woo hoo!) and release when you are in a better position to dodge the obstacle. The purple bar on top determines how much time-power you have left and its filled by collecting time-orbs along the slopes. In addition, there are plenty of power-ups like boost, hoverboards, time bar fillers, shields etc for high scores and the collected cakes can be used to purchase goodies.

You are Game Over when you are irreversibly in a pit or when the chasing solar flare gets to you. The animations are 8-bit style and really immersive with a glowing tail, colorful power-ups and frequently changing themes. The sound effects and background score are super effective. This bright and addictive game surely returns my investment.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Of course, I will

Learning Curve:If you haven't played Tiny wings or its clones before, you'll have a hard time getting used

Who Is It For:Pass-time gamers fond of endless runner games

What I Like:The concept of bending the time

What I Don't Like:None, I think

Final Statement:A must have game

Read the Developer's Notes:

Surf for your life across the galaxy! An inevitable destructive force is after you... The end of the universe! Your only hope? You can cheat death by rewinding time! Get ready for the most psychedelic adrenaline-pumping surf of the year!

***Press Quotes***

"Time Surfer is blazing fast" -- Indie Games

"Time Surfer is a glorious mess of bright colors, pixel art and the most upbeat of chiptunes." -- TouchArcade (4.5 stars)

"…leaving you with a wide, faraway grin on your space battered face." -- PocketGamer (8/10)

"The Time Surfer soundtrack is more than just a single piece of music—it's a journey." -- Kotaku

"The most promising runner I’ve seen in a long while." -- IGN

"From the old school visuals to the thrilling gameplay, you need this title in your life." -- GameTrailers.com

"A great example of how a fun idea can be iterated upon." -- 148 Apps (4 stars)

***Key Features***

? Simple Controls, No Compromise
Two touch gameplay keeps everything easy to reach and easy to play. Touch with your right thumb to dive. Touch with your left thumb to rewind time. It couldn’t be simpler.

? Everything Ends, Again and Again
Dodge spikes, pits and the end of the universe - it’s a typical, never-ending day in the life of a trans-dimensional cosmic time god! Pick up speed, magnet and time bonuses! Miss one? Rewind and grab it!

? Rank Up, Pet Out
Complete missions to unlock new pets and earn Space Cakes to feed them. Little dudes like Axolotl, Squid Scholar or Robo-Duck will join your surf and give you crazy new abilities!

? Gorgeous Visuals
Transition through beautiful Retina landscapes. Immerse yourself in a starry night as you surf, bounce and fly through various zones with different hazards and scenery!

? Back in the Good Old 80’s
Psychedelic visuals backed up by numerous references to 80’s icons, including a police box, a time-travelling car and the monkey king on a cloud.

? Welcome To Hell
Surf through “Hell Zone” and turn the difficulty up to 11 with a spike-infested gauntlet. For those who really love a challenge.

? Haunting Soundtrack
A spacey, hand-crafted chip-tune soundtrack reflects on Time Surfer’s inevitable doom yet eternal existence. Living forever is both a blessing and a curse.

***Universal and iCloud Support***

? Full iCloud support - all pets, costumes and purchases sync across your devices!
? Universal App - play on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini!
? Compete with Game Center in classic arcade mode and the brutally difficult “Hell Zone”!

***About Kumobius***

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