TimmyMe – Review

On August 27, 2008

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TimmyMe – Review

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By: zu.com communications inc

Version #: 0.7.15

Date Released: 2008-08-19


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Are you a caffeine junky?  Do you jones for circular pastries?  Timmyme!

A real nifty app for the Canadian, or lucky American, who needs to know where to find the best cup of coffee, and I’m not talking about the burnt, bitter stuff they sell in Seattle.  I’m talking about the great institution, Tim Hortons.

Tap on the app and within moments you’ll have the 5 closest Timmies laid out in front of you.  Tap the location of your choice, and the built in Maps app will pop up and route you there for your double double.  To interpret Canadian Speak for those not of the Maple Leaf, that’s a coffee with 2 cream and 2 sugar, eh!

Do you need this app?  Nope.  You can avoid the advert banner across the bottom and just use the Maps app and type in Tim Hortons.  It will have the same end result.  Is it just as cool as Timmyme?  Not on your life!  Timmyme should have shipped as an installed app on all Rogers Wireless iPhones if nothing but for the WOW factor alone!

Besides, it’s too hard to type on an iPhone keyboard when your hand is shaking from caffeine withdrawl.


Quick Take
Value:  High.
Would I Buy Again:  Yes, it’s free!
Learning Curve: none.
Who is it for:  Those needing a fix
What I Like: Nice graphics and not obtrusive banner ad (everybody needs to make a living after all)
What I Don’t:   Seems to report an error if the gps or internet is slow
Final Statement: 
A free app that works, and makes people smile and say “wow”.  If you are looking for one of the >3000 Tim Hortons locations, this is it!

Read the Developer's Notes:
The fastest way to find the nearest double double. TimmyMe leads you to the closest cup of Tim Hortons coffee using built-in geo-location. O U R   T A K E . . .

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