Tin Man Can Review – Save the unicycle bot

On May 15, 2013

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Tin Man Can Review – Save the unicycle bot

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By: Chillingo Ltd

Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2013-02-20

Developer: Tin Man Can Support

Price: 0.99

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Single-touch games are known to be super addictive and are always a good asset, if you have to suffer alot of boring lectures! That, with the title Chillingo under the app name made me grab Tin Man Can in the blink of an eye. Let’s see how that turned out.

This game tells the tale of a tiny bot, Tic who was drawn into a wormhole during his intergalactic travel and reached an alternate world. You know what to do, Savior! Help him get home and be the hero.

Just like you would expect from a 2D platformer, each level is an uneven road which equally rewards and punishes you. Touch to jump is pretty much the only control. Hovering in the air needs fuel, which is limited and so, you need to collect hovertons to remain afloat. Collect all three Batteries in each level, if you think you’re good.

What if you get stuck? Skip a level or upgrade wheels and exhaust of the unicycle bot, spending Hovatrons. Different cheats to revive Tic can also be availed, in case he shows a ‘battery low” sign. Of course, extra Hovatrons cost you some bucks and that is why, I cannot agree with the initial cost of 99 cents.

The gameplay is simple with over 60 levels of thumb play, through 4 dimensions. Despite the inclusion of colorful powerups, bouncing platforms, jetpacks and boosters, I admit that this game is rather boring. I have seen reviews of the game being referred addictive but seriously, I’m far from addicted!
There is a provision for online racing but I couldn’t find even one user to gain some multiplayer experience. Also, the graphics and sound effects doesnt seem to make any mark.

In a nutshell, with a dull gameplay and below par extras, I’m not impressed with my returns and I would advice you to wait for a free tag before you try it out. But as usual, we would love to hear what you guys think!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:I don't think so

Learning Curve:Easy

Who Is It For:Kids, probably

What I Like:graphics is unique

What I Don't Like:the overall gameplay is not so exciting

Final Statement:Wait till it drops free

Read the Developer's Notes:
"Tin Man Can combines great presentation with simple to grasp controls, and an excellent multiplayer mode." — TouchGen, 4/5

"RedCandy’s game not only offers a freshness to the runner genre but is also a charming and fun way to fill short and sharp gaming sessions on the go." — PixelBedlam, 8/10

Hover through four imaginative worlds and get Tic home safely

Soaring through the cosmos, unicycling HoverBot Tic was homeward bound when a wormhole appeared, dragging him and his ship into another dimension. Help Tic survive the pitfalls of four strange colorful worlds and gather enough scattered hovatrons and fuel cells he needs to get home in one piece.

Hover, unicycle, and jetpack your way to safety using simple tap controls and Tic’s limited fuel supply. Glide over gaping chasms and use spring pads, boosters, and Tic’s propeller to float to safety.

Take on a friend in head-to-head online multiplayer. Play through levels from the solo campaign and climb the leaderboards with your record times.

Pop by the Hover Shop to spend your hard-earned hovatrons on over 60 items. Peruse new wheel designs, kit out your exhaust with decorative fumes, or fork out some hovatrons on handy cheats.

Game Features:
• Help Tic gather hoavtrons scattered across 60 levels on four colorful and detailed worlds.
• Simple one touch game — just tap to hover
• Colorful animated visuals and a catchy six-song soundtrack
• Play friends in head-to-head online multiplayer races
• Customize Tic with over 60 store items
• UNIVERSAL: Works, and looks incredible, on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

This game features non-compulsory In-App Purchases. If you do not wish to use this feature please disable In-App Purchases in your device settings.

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