ToDo Checklist for iphone Review

On May 23, 2012

App Type: iPhone

ToDo Checklist for iphone Review

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Todo lists are the horse of the office dweller knight. And Todo Checklist for iPhone may very well be its lance and shield. Todo Checklist offers you a whole array of features, and has recently been updated to all more awesomeness (you can read our previous review here.)

With the new version you can slay big dragons easily. For example, you can create a todo list just by pasting an email, with elements separated in new lines, by commas, dots, semicolons or colons. So you can just add a whole bunch of things in a moment, making it very easy to move from your old, clumsy app to the new Todo Checklist.

New awesomeness, fresh from the last update: you can have shared lists (shared via Dropbox.) This means you can have your whole team working on the same list (i.e. a project) without anyone missing a beat. Only this feature alone should make you realize how good the app is, since this kind of capability is only available in big, online-based project management tools. Now available in your grocery list, too, so you can make sure you don’t end up with 24 eggs instead of 12 when you get back home after work.

Todo Checklist comes with the standard features, too. Sorting, marking as completed, adding complex details (due date, reminder, phone number you should call, email recipient in case it is an email, “details”). And of course, like any app worth its name, tasks can be sorted in categories.

To round the feature list, the app itself has a calendar to show due tasks (with a set due date, since due date is not mandatory) and tapping on that date shows you the list of tasks for the day, along with its details. Nothing missing with ToDo Checklist!

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