Total War Battles Review – Both impressed and disappointed

On April 21, 2012

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Total War Battles Review – Both impressed and disappointed

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Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2012-04-19

Developer: Creative Assembly

Price: 6.99

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A long, long time ago I was the happy purchaser of Shogun Total War, the first title (although back then it was the only title on sight) of the Total War series. A strategy series spanning 2000 years of history and offering one of the best strategic warfare simulations of all time. Total War Battles is the Total War trojan horse into the iOS world.

I loved Shogun back then: it had an strategy view (turn based) where you decide which structures and units to build, and how to organize warfare development and a tactical view, where you would manage the units, split in sections of 20 or 30 individual units, all set in a wonderful 3D environment. The thrill of leading a cavalry charge going down a mountain against an unsuspecting army of enemy recruits was impressive. And it was back around 2002… In a computer with less processing power and memory than an iPad. I had to download¬†Total War Battles as soon as it came out, and now here I am writing a review of it to clarify some points. Should you download it, if you are a fan of the Total War series?

Total War Battles does not share almost anything with that game. The name, the setting, the unit names. Total War Battles is real time, but has a turn-based feeling, almost like a tower defense game. You advance through a series of battles and levels, while gaining experience and improving the abilities of your army. Each level has a goal, like “build 8 shrines” or “defeat the enemy general”. Total War Battles offers a truly original strategic gameplay for iPad and iPhone.

If you forget about how Shogun Total War was, Total War Battles is a very good game, furthermore it is a universal app. Fluid animations and a very interesting gameplay. Maybe too expensive for what it is, but a solid, well-crafted game. The problem comes when you compare it with what Shogun Total War was… And pair it with what computers were back then: an iPad would outperform them any day. Why don’t they create a true port of Shogun Total War to iPad? Total War Battles is not up to that.

In summary, Total War Battles is a truly good game, if you forget about the rest of the series. This (like Monty Python say) is something completely different. I hope this review clarifies what Total War Battles is, what is not and why you should download the app now.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:No

Learning Curve:Medium, has a long and detailed set of tutorial levels

Who Is It For:Strategy die-hard fans

What I Like:The gameplay is fluid and original

What I Don't Like:Comparisons with other Total War titles

Final Statement:A good strategy title

Read the Developer's Notes:

Specifically developed for touchscreen platforms, Total War Battles: SHOGUN is a new real-time strategy game from the makers of the award-winning Total War series.

Total War Battles delivers quick-fire, tactical combat balanced with intuitive building and unit management. All set in a beautifully illustrated Medieval Japan.

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