Totem Runners Review – Really hard, yet surprisingly addictive!

On November 12, 2012

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Totem Runners Review – Really hard, yet surprisingly addictive!

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By: Chillingo Ltd © Yagoda Productions

Version #: 1.3

Date Released: 2012-10-31

Developer: Chillingo Ltd Web Site

Price: 0.99

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The name Chillingo at the developers column and some unique screenshots from the Appstore convinced me to purchase this app. After playing it for a considerable time, I can shout out loud that, I don’t regret a bit.

Totem Runner is a 2D platformer whose graphics reminds us of some ancient cave paintings. The gameplay comes neck and neck in providing the same nostalgic feeling, with its mythical villains and mystic sound effects.

You are sent by the God of Lightning, to save  the earth from evil and to bring new life into the long dead planet. As the game starts, you receive the totem of life and you can sprout new greens, just by the touch of your left thumb. You can sow more seeds along the way which gradually blooms the 3 flowers on your status bar (these flowers decide your overall score in a level). On the way, you are surprised by many mythical creatures; Kulaba – the bull, Shikari urdu– the archer and by huge Banyan tree roots (although none of the names make sense to us, it surely helps to add the mystic feel to it). You can use the totem of rage to clear through the bad guys and soar over pits with the power of flight. When the power icon fills up, you can use the soul power to gain some free yards. Sitara the saw aims to cut through you (even in your rage) and flying through them will keep you breathing. At the end of each dangerous and life giving level, you are awarded flowers and points according to your performance. The bloomed flowers mentioned earlier and the gems you collect add to your final score.

The game sounds to be confusing and to be honest, it does need some practice to master. The first tutorial levels are boring but its not yet time to judge. Complete the 2nd and 3rd levels in style and you will find yourself addicted. The quick choice of totems and flying through the Sitaras are not going to be easy and always remember the left tap to bring new lives. This game is for those gamers who ignore the rookie modes and aim straight for the hard play. So, flex your fingers and prepare to save the world!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:High

Who Is It For:Gamers with a thing for expert games

What I Like:The mythical feel to it

What I Don't Like:Really hard at times

Final Statement:Be the hero of myths!

Read the Developer's Notes:
When the world is threatened by a malevolent darkness a brave warrior rises, fearless and ready to run into the thick of battle. His confidence is steeled by his mystical ability to transform at-will into noble creatures including a rampaging rhino, capable of spearing enemies on his horn, a mighty eagle that can soar over deadly hazards, and a fearsome dragon able to vanquish all who stand in it's path.

As he runs, the warrior breathes new life into the world and puts new stars in the sky. Knowing when to transform between shapes - man, bird, and beast - is key to success in this action-packed endless runner.

Totem Runner’s unique looks are matched by its compelling gameplay and immersive story. Take up the challenge and become the warrior within.

Transform into beasts, dragons and back to a warrior as you charge through the world defeating evil!

The unique ‘silhouette’ style, haunting music and awesome animation immerses you into the mystical world of Totem Runner.

Run, fly and rampage through five chapters of compelling gameplay.

Become a Sorcerer, the Lord of Stars, or even the Great Shadow by completing in-game challenges.

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