Tracklander – Adventure Routes with Offline Maps – Review

On August 9, 2013

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Tracklander – Adventure Routes with Offline Maps – Review

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By: Tracklander

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2013-08-01

Developer: Tracklander

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Have you ever thought of going on a journey through the mountains, deserts and forests? Drinking from a river, resting in an ancient temple and finding deserted caves. If you haven’t yet, it is time to start, thanks to the Tracklander app.

In simple words, this is ‘an app for travelers by travelers’. The guys at Tracklander are adventure lovers who have crusaded through some of the most awesome terrains in the world. And what better way to share their excitement than to help others do the same? This app is the best guide for travel lovers to make the most out of their journeys.

Trackbooks are the soul of this app. Each trackbook is your complete tour guide containing everything you’ll need. Either buy new books or hit the play button to bring up nearby adventures. Sort by date, vehicle, available time and location to find the perfect road trip.

The real fun is yet to start. Revving your motorbike at the starting point and looking at the app, you’ll find the beautifully designed Dialer Navigation. Alternating between route, distance, direction and time, you’ll have the handy dialer over the map. Ride into a no-signal region and you’ll find yourself still in track, thanks to the saved offline maps. Stuck at a confusing turn? Refer a photo turn to be sure.

Now to my favorite feature, Track choices. Though we have a main route on the map, Tracklander suggests alternate and more exciting paths along the way. They may be challenges, treats or shortcuts which can make your journey more unforgettable.

See Tracklander in action:

In short, this is a travel app which is one of its kind. So, if adventurous travel and daring rides give you thrills, Tracklander is for you.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:NA.

Who Is It For:The footloose.

What I Like:The optional side routes.

What I Don't Like:Needs more venues.

Final Statement:The adventurer's map!

Read the Developer's Notes:
More than 150 adventure and active routes with navigator and offline maps without the necessity of online connection, nor roaming costs. All in your iPhone. More than 50,000 km of tracks by bicycle, motorcycle, car, 4x4 and by foot. Routes in Andalucia, Barcelona, Corsica, Tuscany, Florence, Lisbon and Morocco. Download and try free tracks.

At Tracklander, we love adventure travel —we are travelers ourselves.
We provide you with a selection of the best possible adventure trips for each area we cover. To offer you the best experience on and off road, our Track Managers personally travel to each location to explore and evaluate every trail we offer, to guarantee you the best results.



The Trackbook is the core of Tracklander. It uses smartphone technology to guide travelers step by step throughout the trip. You don’t need phone coverage and won’t receive roaming fees. It all seats in your smartphone —you can even take your SIM card out and it will still work.


We know the information you require, how little time you have to look at the GPS while traveling, and we are aware that sometimes you wear gloves. For this reason, we give you everything you need in a simple and easy to use dialer at the bottom of the screen with directions, distances, elevation profile and local time.


Because we have driven every road, ridden every trail and walked every path, we can guarantee that these are the best trails you can find in the area. Also, we offer you something unique: a picture of every crossing, so you never get lost.


A Trackbook is much more than a single track —it might include multiple tracks. You can build your very own personal trip by choosing from the variety of challenges and treats offered for your area.

Challenges are technically difficult, physically demanding, and some even exhausting.

Treats are great moments to take a small detour on your track and calmly enjoy the best things the country has to offer.

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