TrackThing Lite – Review

On September 8, 2008

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TrackThing Lite – Review

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By: Jason Cheung

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-09-01


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This is one of those times when I had to go- "This app is actually free??? No way!!!" The interface is so slick, the information it provides is so complete, the functionality… you get the idea… wow!!!

TrackThing Lite is one of those apps that makes use of the iPhone 3G’s GPS. It provides near real-time information about current movements. I used it in the car today but it can also be used for a wide variety of outdoor activities in which you are moving from one place to another.

I love the fact that it uses both metric and imperial units of measure (How is it that even the Brits were smart enough to leave their system behind and go to a metric approach while the USA still doesn’t????) It can tell you things such as the distance you have travelled, your current speed and your average speed. It even tells you the max speed during the period it was monitoring. (I wasn’t too happy to see that number. Fortunately I didn’t get pulled over.) You get altitude, longitude, and heading.

The map view, while limited to only part of the screen unfortunately, is easy to read and shows both current position and direction.  The odometer works to give information during a trip but also OVER numerous trips. Other statistics that can be useful come in the form of comparison graphs.

Dimitri tried to use the app with his iPhone but the first generation’s lack of GPS meant it was wholly inaccurate. With my 3G, however, it got to work right away and delivered everything it promised.

Did I happen to mention that I can’t believe this app is free???

Quick Take

Value:  Very High
Would I Buy Again:  Yes, Yes, Yes
Learning Curve: Medium
Who is it for:  Anyone who moves from one place to another during the day
What I like: Great interface, provides lots of information, works beautifully
What I Don’t: Wish the map could be seen full screen 

Final Statement: Great app.

Read the Developer's Notes:
TrackThing Lite is a GPS powered tracker that provides you with near real-time statistics about your current activity. It can be used to track your performance during virtually any outdoor activity. This includes, but not limited to running, hiking, cycling, skiing, climbing, driving, sailing and flying.

* Tracks duration, speed, distance travelled, pace, altitude, latitude, longitude and heading for your current activity* Map view shows you where you are and your current heading
* Odometer to keep track of distance travelled over multiple trips* Real-time graphs gives you insight about your activity profile, including: speed vs time, speed vs distance, altitude vs distance* Supports metric and imperial units

* Designed for use with the iPhone 3G, tracking will be inaccurate with the original iPhone* TrackThing is designed for recreational use only* Do NOT lock your phone during tracking* Reduce screen brightness to ensure maximum battery life while tracking* While tracking, place the device in a location where it has maximum exposure to the sky* GPS signal is most accurate when the GPS symbol is green. If it is orange or red the signal is insufficient for accurate tracking* Heading information is only accurate when the device is moving* Altitude data is only accurate when there is a strong GPS signalO U R   T A K E . . .

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