Tripmate: What To Do When You Can’t Go Along

On October 11, 2010

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Tripmate: What To Do When You Can’t Go Along

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So, once again a friend or family member is headed someplace fun and exciting in the world, and you can’t go along for the journey. Do you despair? No, not if you have the Tripmate app loaded to your device and theirs.

The Tripmate app lets you create a list of friends, either entered individually or pulled from your pre-existing Contacts. You can then create individual trips for each of them and log into their posts and pictures as they enjoy their travels. You can actually create a Timeline for their trip, and follow along throughout a day or a full vacation. The app lets users create custom text posts, add photographs, and post videos all directly through the app. There is also an excellent map feature that shows the Friend’s precise location on any given day as well. If a more user-friendly keyboard is desired, the app also functions with the OnTheRoad website too, and a travel journal can be posted to it as well.

There are journaling, photographic, and social apps, but the Tripmate app is especially designed to allow friends and family members to share as many details about their travels as they want.

This app functions with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

There is no cost for the download of the Tripmate app, and the OnTheRoad website is entirely free of charge as well. Updates are made available for no additional expense.

If you are looking for an easy way to keep in touch while out of town, or to share your journeys with friends, this app is a great tool to add to your device.

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