Trucker Parking 3D Review – Learn to drive

On December 18, 2013

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Trucker Parking 3D Review – Learn to drive

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By: Tapinator,LLC

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2013-01-05

Developer: Trucker Parking 3D Support

Price: Free

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Unique games are always welcome to the AppStore and no one would’ve thought that parking giant trucks would be its new hit. Yes, we’re talking about Trucker Parking 3D and in detail.

As already told, this game is all about getting that huge eighteen wheeler into a tiny parking lot. I found the game to be more of an educational app than a game, as it helps to learn the basics of driving easily and pretty quickly. It is like a “How-to-drive simulator”!

You’ve a steering wheel, accelerator, brakes and gear. Each level gives you a treacherous path with a space at the end where you’ve to get the Optimus Prime rested. Use the realistic controls to manoeuvre the length through narrow passages within the time limit. A small scratch on the big boy and you’re fired! Let me warn you, it is not as easy as it sounds.

The difficulty itself builds up a kind of addiction towards Trucker Parking 3D. The graphics are mediocre with scarce sound effects. The realistic controls and Physics engine are probably what makes this game so unique. Plenty of levels with huge upgrades to trucks are always a bonus.

Trucker Parking 3D, to conclude, is not for everyone. It is not a simple or spectacular game but too realistic to be disappointed. If that sounds like something you’ll be interested in, go grab it.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:No, its too hard!

Learning Curve:Hard

Who Is It For:Anyone who wants to try some trucking simulation

What I Like:The realistic physics and controls

What I Don't Like:The graphics

Final Statement:Good game, but not for everyone.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Ever tried parking an eighteen wheeler in your life ? You think it's easy ? No way! Try your skills with our Trucker Parking 3D.

In this truck parking game, you can choose between 3 different trucks, 50 parking lot levels and unlimited entertainment. You will be presented with different environments including a military area, the Chicago skyline and an airport. Parking a truck becomes a serious challenge in various environments! Do you think you can park the truck in every situation ? Challenge yourself by trying to be as fast as you can.

In this truck game, you will find:
- 3 Truckers including an Oil Tank Trucker, American Trucker and Russian Trucker
- 3 Challenging environments including a Military Base
- Ability to skip a level, if you desire
- Ability to use Steering or Accelerometer controls
- 4 Different Camera Angles for ease of control

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