Truphone Microphone Adaptor – Review and Giveaway

On May 6, 2009

Of all the "AT+T wireless alternatives" now available on the iPhone I find Truphone the best. Unlike Sykpe for iPhone the app is super fast and the voice quality is superb. Unlike Fring, Truphone actually works… And the prices for both domestic and international calls, is quite reasonable. Their most expensive package is a $17 unlimited calling plan!

Truphone actually offers two apps. The first is the iPhone app. It includes voice, Twitter integration and IM. The Touch app includes voice, Twitter integration and IM. As they explain

You can now make calls on your iPod Touch. That’s right, we said iPod Touch!The new Truphone for the iPod Touch application works on the 2nd generation iPod Touch and enables you to:

  • make free calls to other Truphone, Skype or Google Talk users
  • make cheap international calls to landlines and mobiles, from any Wi-Fi zone, using your iPod Touch’s internet connection and a headphone with microphone, or microphone adaptor.
  • Instant Message your Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk or AIM contacts

You CAN make calls from your 2nd Gen iPod Touch. But there is a caveat. It only works if you have a headset with a microphone OR a microphone adapter. Fortunately. Truphone just made it easy to get a microphone adapter. AND they made it free for two of our readers…

Truphone just began selling a microphone adapter that makes lets iPod Tpouch work as a phone with any pair of headphone and they were kind enough to send along a review unit. The Adapters came in non-standard packaging. The retail version will come packaged in the manner appearing to the left and including a card to double your next $5 calling purchase. That’s a nice bonus since the plastic adapter will run you $14.99 plus shipping. This strikes me as a bit steep but, then again, small accessories seem to always be a bit overpriced.

The good news, however, is that the adapter is easy to use and works quite well. It offers a nice long cord that runs from the iPod Touch to the adapter. (The distance form the adapter to the earbuds will depend on the headphones you use.) It has a nice large, easy to find, button for answering and ending a call. This means you can grab a call without having to look down at it.

What really matters here, however, is the voice quality and, fortunately,the adapter does a super job of picking up your voice. I left myself a few voicemails and found the call quality to be excellent. I then left a viocemail for my wife and asked her to pay special attention to the quality of the call. When I later spoke to her she refered t it as "crystal clear".

In other words, the adapter does exactly what it is supported to do. It adds the ability to use voice with your iPod Touch when you don’t have headphones with an inline mic. It’s nothing fancy. It just works. And that, in my exerience, is what Truphone does best.

Quick Take

Value: While the adaper is a bit pricey it does what it needs to do and it does it well. The inclusion of a card to add $5 to your next urchase of minutes softens the blow a bit.
Would I Buy Again: I am not the target audience. I have an iPhone and multiple headsets with in-line mics. It I only had a Touch, however, I would grab it in a minute.
Learning Curve: Zero
Who Is It For: Someone with a 2nd Generation iPod Touch who does not have a mic-enabled headset
What I Like: Works very well
What I Don’t: Plastic clip may not be the most durable. $15 plus shiping.


Truphone was kind enough to send us two adapters to give to two of our readers. Here’s how to win one. (Please note, these will not come in retail packaging or with the bonus card.)

IF you live in the United States


IF you have a second generation iPod Touch

Leave a comment below. Two winner will be picked tomorrow night. The adapters will ship Friday but only to addresses in the USA.