TrustR – Review – Trust in the safety of your device

On May 29, 2012

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TrustR – Review – Trust in the safety of your device

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By: Rookie ApS

Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2012-04-17

Developer: Rookie ApS

Price: 3.99

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There used to be a notion that Apple devices were incorruptible and infallible. However, prevention is definitely much better than cures. TrustR is an antivirus sort of app, for the portable Apple devices.

The thing with TrustR is that it is simply easy to use. With just one huge button to tap for activation, TrustR is one of those apps that will do all the dirty and troublesome work for you. Simply tap the middle button and wait while the app scans your device for threats and viruses.

Now the app neatly segregates its findings into three segments, each with its own aptly designed tab. These include viruses, security threats as well as security patches. The credibility of the virus scan has yet to be proven though, because the app failed to (thankfully) detect any malevolent viruses on my iPhone 4S. However, the app did point out some security shortfalls that posed a low but still potential threat to the safety of my device. These findings were accurate, made logical sense, and were easy to understand.

Extra credits should be given to the developers of TrustR for the little attention to details given. While on an overall basis, the app is extremely simplistic and easy to use, those with sharper eyes might notice that the buttons and tabs are nicely designed with texture and fitting appearances. The lists provided are also very easy to scan or scroll through, making it easy to read.

For $3.99, the only issue with TrustR would be the slightly higher price tag. However, for the sake of security and some peace of mind, this is one app that is recommended for download.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Simple. Everything is at a touch of the button.

Who Is It For:Users of Apple portable devices.

What I Like:The easy to use interface.

What I Don't Like:Price tag is not quite justifiable.

Final Statement:Are Apple devices truly infallible?

Read the Developer's Notes:
TrustR is a leading security solution designed to effectively scan your device to identify security and privacy risks, and allow you to quickly take action based on qualified and comprehensible information.

TrustR detects the following types of security issues on your device:
- Vulnerabilities
- Privacy issues
- Malicious activity

TrustR is built and maintained by experienced security professionals and is kept up to date daily in order to counter the latest security threats.

The Lite version is limited to reveal the first 3 security issues in full detail. Additional issues will be shown only with their severity level indicating their significance.

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Inaccurate app detections can happen on rare occasions and in such case the related security problems should be disregarded.

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