TryGuessThis Review – Let your creativity fly!

On November 9, 2012

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TryGuessThis Review – Let your creativity fly!

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By: Tai Hong

Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2012-10-26

Developer: TryGuessThis Support

Price: Free

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Although its description at the AppStore might sound confusing, TryGuessThis is an entirely new and innovative game, worth checking out. This app combines the classic guessing games with the power of your iSight Camera to form a new turn-based gameplay.
Basically, you need to enter a word for your opponent and also submit an adequate photo as a clue. The other guy does the same and the first one to guess the other’s secret word, wins the game. As simple as that!

On the opening screen, you have an option to create a new game and you can start the fun by inviting friends from Facebook, or by using their email or username. Instead, if you feel like an Omegle moment, you can play with a random stranger. Once you are connected to your pal (or in this case opponent), you are asked to enter your winner word. If you can’t think of any, the global stats are here to help and you can use one of the three recommended entries. After you are satisfied with your entry, you can either use your camera to capture or import from your library, a photo, best suited for it. On the other end also, similar steps are done and when both of you are ready, its Go time! Each one are given alternate chances for guesses and the first one to crack the code, is declared the winner!
The triumphant is rewarded with gold coins (you know where this is going) to unlock various features and you can buy more coins from the built-in cart. The premium features available are mostly photo effects like tilt, crease, waves etc and also has a More to Come… billboard hanging at the bottom. This free app is understandably ad supported but, I have heard that even in-app purchases donot make them go away!
Another important thing to note is that most of the random players available, are idle and would reply only after hours. So, I recommend that either you cleverly choose active users or gather some of your buddies for the fun time. New concepts are always welcome and when its free, there is no looking back. So grab this game and share what you think.




Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:Turn Based game lovers

What I Like:The new concept

What I Don't Like:The ads

Final Statement:Start finding the hardest yet photogenic words!

Read the Developer's Notes:
About Try Guess This:

Louis has been set loose from the Picto Land into our world to inspire more fun with our favorite word puzzle game. Using magical power, Louis combine our word puzzle game and Picto Land's favorite pastime, photo hunting to create a brand new puzzle experience never before played in our world. To impress Louis, use your creativity and imagination by winning over your friends and unlock new features to aid you in your quest to emerge victorious for future challenges.

Free version of TryGuessThis, the most anticipated social photo hunting and guessing game with a twist! Be part of all the laughters, creative and brain teasing experience around you.


-3000 plus words
-Editing features to put a twist to the game!
-Play with friends!
-Challenge friends on facebook and twitter.
-Challenge random players around the world!
-Gallery to views photo taken around the world!
-Shop with many more features and effects
-In your own words feature *Coming Soon*
-Group/multi player game *Coming Soon*

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