Tumblr: Makes Updating Your Tumbleblog Simple And Easy

On November 20, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Tumblr: Makes Updating Your Tumbleblog Simple And Easy

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By: Tumblr

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If you are someone with a Tumblelog, the Tumblr application is a good tool for you to acquire. It provides a mobile platform for updating the blog or blogs and allows anyone the ability to post text, photos, quotes, links, and audio components to their blog, or engage in live chats as well.

The Tumblr app has a unique and simple interface that directs the user immediately to their action of choice. They simply tap the feature they wish to access and use the app to complete their task. The app can pull audio recordings directly from the device, take images through the camera or photo library, and pull links and chats into the app, and even open the sites tab to work directly within the actual Tumblr Dashboard seen on the Internet.

All posts can be tagged as public or private, tagged, or pre-dated also. The app also allows for a range of additional activities, such as saving incomplete posts, or checking the Tumblr Dashboard from a mobile device as well.

There are many social networking and blogging apps, as well as those created especially for Tumblr, but the Tumblr app is designed to offer a full range of functions for the site through a simple mobile interface.

There is no cost for the Tumblr app, but an existing blog is required for it to function properly. The app is available for use with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you are a blogger with a Tumblelog, this is a great tool to download today.

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