Turf for Android Review: Monopoly meets Foursquare

On August 10, 2012

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Turf for Android Review: Monopoly meets Foursquare

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Do you enjoy using Foursquare? Is Monopoly your favourite board game? There is an application that is going to become your next addiction on your Android smartphone!

Turf is a new game that combines Foursquare and Monopoly. It used Foursquare’s system with check-ins and mayorships at your town and decided to take it a step further, by developing a funnier game that would be even more interesting. It is described as a “real world Monopoly” that takes place in your town.

With Turf, when you check-in at a location you earn coins or crystals, but also points. You do not buy a place like you would in Monopoly, but you depend on luck in order to acquire it. You are spinning a virtual slot machine and if you win, you take over the ownership of the place. If you lose, it remains to the current owner. However, it is not only a matter of luck, since each acquisition depends on the current owner and what s/he has already achieved at the game.

Moreover, when you buy a property, you can build an extra floor, the way you did in Monopoly. This allows you to earn more money from each property, of course and raise your score.

And this is just the beginning, since there are plans for additions. According to Turf’s founder, Michael Tseng, “Turf is going to be a platform where we intend to release expansions on top”

As it seems, Turf was just the beginning to a bigger project that aims to become our nextaddiction. Would you be interested in trying Turf then?

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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