Turtle Tale Runaway Review – A cute but tough little puzzle game

On February 23, 2012

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Turtle Tale Runaway Review – A cute but tough little puzzle game

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By: Codespot software

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2012-02-12

Developer: CodeSpot Mobile

Price: 0.99

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Joining the denizens of iPhone games that are brutally challenging beneath a cutesy exterior is Turtle Tale Runaway; a game that’ll test your precision and foresight skills to the limit. While it follows in the endearing art style of Angry Birds or Siege Hero, it’s actually a more intricate game better suited to those looking for a challenge.

As the slightly convoluted title suggests, the heroes of this game are turtles – or a single turtle. Your job is to direct the annoyingly loveable little creature to the exit at the bottom of the level. This is achieved by drawing lines which turn into pathways along which the turtle rolls when you hit ‘Play.’ However, you can only draw a limited amount, so you’re forced to be frugal.

Unlike many games, Runaway is tough from the start, but this is no bad thing. The gameplay is so simple that there really isn’t that much to grasp, so why not get you racking your brain straight away? Things quickly heat up after the initial few levels, as you’ll have to guide your turtle across cogs and other strange mechanisms in your bid to help him.

Runaway has a pleasing aesthetic and a ton of levels for you to plough through. The quicker you complete a given level, the higher your star rating, so there’s always something to play for. The only major downside of the game is the turtle’s irritating squeal of ‘Yay’ every time you complete a level. Thankfully, the game’s toughness means that you won’t be completing the levels too quickly. Or, come to think of it, just put your iPhone music on. Problem solved.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Easy to learn, but that doesn't make it an easy game

Who Is It For:Seekers of challenging puzzlers

What I Like:Challenging physics-based gameplay

What I Don't Like:The turtle squeaking 'Yay' after each level

Final Statement:An endearingly-designed but challenging physics-based puzzle game

Read the Developer's Notes:
Meet Sandy, a rare sea turtle born on Haluu Beach. Unforturnately, instead of swimming back to the ocean with his brethren, he was captured by two smugglers and taken to their hideout. Find the way to help little Sandy go home safely before something more terrible happens.

Turtle's Tale: Runaway is a physics-based game with a lot of fun and challenges for all ages. Thinking-outside-the-box is what you need in order to finish levels in shortest time and most creative ways!

Draw lines to help Sandy roll to the destination by avoiding obstacles and moving objects. And yet, sometimes you need a bit of luck.

Enjoy the immesive environment of Turtle's Tale world with realistic actions and hilarious moments caused by physical objects.

All levels has been designed meticulously and closely to the storyline, so you can feel the story unfold step by step throughout the game with cute and funny art style.

Beautiful, funny theme and sound effects along with amazing animations will deliver relaxed feeling while playing.

The special items you acquire throughout the game will lead you to new levels which have more beautiful designs and are more challenging.

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Video gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPgI2mDxj7c

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