Twitterific 2.0 Is Twitterific-er Than Ever

On May 8, 2009
(Okay, sorry for the title… it has been a long week.)
I have long been a huge fan of Twittelator Pro. It was early to be out of the gate and has been updated regularly. Since then there have been a huge number of Twitter apps released. Some are quite good. Others are… less so.
One of the other early releases Twitterific just got a neat update to version 2.0.

I’ve been playing around withit today and have to say, I’m rather impressed. I don’t think it will prompt me to jump from Twittelator any time soon but, nonetheless, it is a nice update to a good Twitter client!
We’re working on a full review but, in the meantime, my buddy Patrick already posted some first impressions and screen shots over on JAiB.