Txtpedia – Review

On December 13, 2008

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Txtpedia – Review

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By: Txtpedia

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-11-05

Developer: Jorge Castellanos

Price: 0.99

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I must be getting old, because as many of the various text in shortcuts as I might know, turns out, there are hundreds and hundreds more. And we all have our favorites. I’m a big fan of OMG while others love MEH (yes, Judie I’m talking to you).

There are so many and so many of them have become ubiquitous that telecom commercials have even begun using them in their attempt to look "cool" (or as they said I was younger "more with it").

TextPedia is a simple app that does one thing and it does it quite well. It lets you look up texting abbreviations in both directions.

If you’re going to txt, know the language.You can type in a phrase and if there is a corresponding text for it it’ll pull that up. Or you can type in an text abbreviation and it will immediately give you the full expression. With just a few minutes using it I learned a good number of new text abbreviations that will no doubt be using. Texts such as

The application is simple to use and, as I wrote previously, it does one thing and it does it well and it doesn’t quickly. There’s nothing fancy here but if you need to find out what a text abbreviation means for you want to take an expression and express it in "text" is a great app.

Quick Take

Value:  high if you need something that easily helps you find out what various text abbreviations mean
Would I Buy Again:  I would, but I also like the help is that provides
Learning Curve:  zero, it’s simple and straightforward
Who is it for:  anybody who needs help with text abbreviations
What I like:  works well, does that says, and does it without being flashy or complicated
What I Don’t:  nothing, I actually appreciate the fact that the developer avoided any complexity

Final Statement:  Good app  that does what it says.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Txtpedia is the ultimate texting dictionary!

You may know what OMG and IDK mean, but what about CYT and WYCM? Txtpedia delivers over 1,500 texting, SMS and IMing abbreviations and their meanings to your iPhone. So if you can’t understand what people are writing, or you’re tired of all that extra typing and want to learn more abbreviations, download txtpedia now!

If you’re going to txt, know the language.

Features:Easy to use, Comprehensive dictionary, Search by abbreviation to view meaning, Reverse look-up; enter a phrase to learn it’s abbreviation
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