Update – Twittelator Pro

On May 5, 2009

Those crazy folks at Big Stone Phone just went and did it again.. another update to Twittelator Pro.

Twittelator Pro has had features for months that others are just now adding and now this… even more features in what has been, and remains, my Twitter app of choice.

So here comes Version 2.2… so what’s new in this new version???


Automatic queuing and sending of tweets
– send as fast as you can
– great for offline composing
– automatically sent when network comes up
– unsent messages badged on app icon when you quit
– automatically sent when you relaunch Pro

Autosave and restore any number of drafts
– tap Top bar in Compose to retrieve
– auto-deleted on send, auto-updated on retrieve, edit

Swap accounts mid-compose
– compose window shows active account if several
– tap Drafts, tap "Tap to Change" on top tool bar
– multiple accounts shows active account on launch

Image Posting:
– we post Tweets with images for better results
– automatic notification when uploaded
– DM’s can have private images too
– photos in a reply show conversation thread
– 5 choices: YFrog, Pikchur, TwitPic, Moby, TwitGoo
Tap "??" shrink button second time to undo shortening
Option to Disable Landscape Mode for tweeting upside down in bed
Added ? in dingbats

Load More Tweets button at bottom of tweets list
– go back in time as far as you like!
Completely redesigned User Detail – much cleaner, faster:
– allows breadcrumbed drilldowns into friends of friends
– Search for any user to follow anyone
– shows twitter app used by tweeter

Web Browser rotates to landscape when desired
Tweets by or about you have special tinting for easy finding in Friends, Search, etc
Added "Read It Later" as alternate Link Save Service with Instapaper
Save single tweets too!
– tap, hold tweet 2 secs just like other save tweets
– read them in Saved -> Singles
– they are stored in one file per session

See which twitter app posted tweet, turn on "Just Screen Names"
– it appears where full name used to
– Detail shows which twitter app posted last status too!

Fast Launch option in Autorefresh by updating only current category
When launched by bookmarklet, no auto refresh for instant posting