Vector Ball Review – Pong in 3D, just that

On October 31, 2012

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Vector Ball Review – Pong in 3D, just that

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By: Gyrocade

Version #: 3.6

Date Released: 2011-05-24

Developer: Gyrocade

Price: 0.99

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Vector Ball is an iOS version of a quite old game that made the run in the Flash game arena, CurveBall. Although this looks nicer.

Gameplay is as simple as it can get for such a game: move your paddle and hit the ball. Miss and you lose, make your enemy miss and you win. Simple, boring, repetitive. Of course getting good with Vector Ball can be kind of fun, if you love a challenge. You can add spin to your shots, which will make the AI miss more often. But the AI can also send you curved balls… Be prepared.

Vector Ball offers a network mode to play against your friends, which can be a good entertainment factor if they buy the game.

In short: Since the game has a “lite” version, try before buying and decide for yourself.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:No

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:Pong freaks

What I Like:The graphics and gameplay are good

What I Don't Like:It gets boring

Final Statement:A good 3D pong, but it gets boring after a while

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