Viddy for iphone, ipad Review

On May 4, 2011

App Type: iPhone

Viddy for iphone, ipad Review

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By: Viddy, Inc

Version #: 1.0

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Developer: By Viddy, Inc.

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We all love to take video with our iPhones and we especially love sharing them without our friends and family. While the options for sharing photos from the iPhone pepper the app store landscape, there are relatively few options for video. Viddy Inc. has decided to step in and fill this need with their video sharing client Viddy.

This social video sharing network borrows much from the popular photo sharing app Instagram. Viddy allows you to follow other user’s video postings and you can make comments and “like” videos as well as add tags to them. The menu along the bottom is also typical of this apps with an enlarged share button in the middle surrounded by other buttons for viewing feeds, favorites, and activity. The sharing buttons lets you records live or choose a video from your library and then you can apply one of seven effects to the video as well as adjust the volume to allow you to mute the sound. Videos are limited to fifteen seconds and if you choose a video that is longer, Viddy lets you choose what portion of hte video you want to share. While the usual suspects (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr) are available for posting about your video, there are also the option for posting to Foursqaure and utilizing the geolocation of the video. There is also the ability to post to Youtube’s bulletins, but this does not upload to youtube. Instead it simply links to the video in Viddy.

While Viddy does an exceptional job of being the “Instagram for video” app I think this similarity is in part it’s downfall. The app really doesn’t do anything new, but simply applies a recently popular idea to a different media. The second issue is the lack of users and quality of content. This may change with time, but currently the vast majority of videos on Viddy are of dogs, and while I’m sure that will appeal to some, it shows a lack of variety that comes from a small user base. I would definitely keep an eye on Viddy as it has the potential to become a great app for the iPhone, but just beware that there isn’t anything ground breaking here and there currently doesn’t seem to be much excitement around this app.

We rate this app 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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