VideoPuzzle! for iphone, ipad Review

On February 24, 2011

App Type: iPad, iPhone

VideoPuzzle! for iphone, ipad Review

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By: Ideateca Factory S.A.

Version #: 0.8

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Developer: By Ideateca

Price: $0.99

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The puzzle genre is chock full of many great and many boring apps. There isn’t anything wrong with the normal puzzle apps, they are still fun and challenging. There is an app though that takes this to a whole new level and incorporates video in their puzzles. The app is called VideoPuzzle, and is strangely addicting.

The best thing and selling point of VideoPuzzle is that you can make a solvable puzzle out of videos. VideoPuzzle comes with some of it’s own videos, but it also allows you to use your own videos from your iPhone’s video library or even LIVE VIDEO. This is a ton of fun and challenging to do so too. If your video has a lot of movement in it, it makes it even hard to figure out. To make it even more challenging when VideoPuzzle splits your video up into squares it flips some of them. You really have to have a sharp eye to figure these puzzles out. Also with it’s great gameplay the app is designed very well. The interface is fun and it looks good.

Like mentioned the puzzle genre is full of apps. There are some video puzzle apps like ScrambleFace, but ScrambleFace only takes live video. It doesn’t come with it’s own levels and it can’t use pre-recorded videos from your video library. VideoPuzzle is the sure winner of video puzzle apps.

VideoPuzzle costs $0.99 and is worth every one of those pennies. ScrambleFace costs twice as much and does less.

If you need a new kind of puzzle, don’t wait any longer. Pick up VideoPuzzle and enjoy.

We rate this app 5 out of 5 stars.

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