ViewTi Resort – Review

On November 19, 2008

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ViewTi Resort – Review

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By: ViewTi Resort

Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2008-11-13

Developer: View Ti LLC

Price: 0.00

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Unfortunately this application reminds me of Gources–an application that lists out top courses across the US and essentially gives you information regarding the course. It’s unfortunate because these are top courses throughout the US. These courses are what most golfers would only dream of going and would require lots of liquid assets.

Maybe it’s me but I personally have seen 2 or 3 of these courses in my lifetime. From a practicality perspective, unless you are an avid golfer who has one of their life goals is to play on these courses, then this is an application for you.

The only quirk that I can see with regards to ViewTi Resort over Gources is simply the fact that the not only does it give you the course information (direction, phone number, etc.), you can actually use the application as a range finder and scorecard for those courses, as opposed to, Gources which just lists out courses and information.

If you don’t know, ViewTi currently has a total of three applications, ViewTi for $12.99 and ViewTi G for $39.99 which allows you to have “Green View.” Their third application ViewTi Resort combines famous courses throughout the US with ViewTi G…

Don’t ask me, I am presuming that although you have all the goodness of ViewTi G with ViewTi Resort, the course that you will only be able to use it for are courses that has been defined as Resorts within the application.

Hopefully, this did not confuse anyone, ViewTi G allows you to have all the goodness of green view but you can add any course to it.

Overall, an interesting concept, it’s free so you can’t really go wrong and if you really are thinking about whether you want to upgrade from ViewTi to ViewTi G, then ViewTi Resort should give you an insight of what is to be expected.

Quick Take:
Would I Buy Again: Maybe
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for: Golfers with a lot of money.
What I like: Has the goodies that ViewTi G has.
What I Don’t: Not really practical unless you are in the elite class visiting these resorts.

Final Statement: It is what it is.

Read the Developer's Notes:
ViewTi Resort is the free golf caddy application. Next time you go on vacation to a course you've never played, this application will give you access to their phone number to contact the resort. It will also giving you driving directions to get there from the airport. Once you're there it will give you all the information you will need to start playing a new course like it's you're home course.
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