Voice Calendar Review – Not quite as nifty as it looks

On April 10, 2012

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Voice Calendar Review – Not quite as nifty as it looks

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By: Zixiong Yin

Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2012-02-01

Developer: vThinking Studio

Price: $1.99

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A handy addition to the default Calendar application, Voice Calendar what Siri can do to calendars on iPhone 4S phones to other iOS devices. Although not half as user friendly as Siri, Voice Calendar does a great job integrating itself with the built-in calendar of your Apple device.

At first glance, Voice Calendar appears virtually identical to that of the default calendar in Apple devices. However, upon close inspection many buttons have moved or shifted. For example, the “Today” button has been moved to a top corner where an “+” button previously. Everything other button has been removed, replaced by an “Option” button.

Voice Calendar allows you to organize events using vocal commands, by tapping the microphone icon and speaking into the device. Functionality wise, Voice Calender is by far inferior to Siri. This is shown when it was unable to tell the difference from jotting down exact memos and scheduling events. For example, saying “I have a meeting at 5pm tomorrow” had the app scheduling an event named “I have a meeting at 5pm tomorrow” on 9th March 2012 while the same command had Siri making an event titled “Meeting” scheduled on the same date at 5pm. Voice Calendar had a longer processing time for the commands I spoke into my iPhone 4S.

While Voice Calendar integrates itself with the default calendar through syncing previously entered events and such, it has to be accessed through a separate application rather than being embedded into the default calendar app as I would have preferred. There is also no option to key in events manually with the keyboard, so users will have to toggle between two separate apps that access the same calendar depending on their choices.

For $1.99, Voice Calendar is not worth the money. Novelty aside, in terms of practicality actually keying your events manually is way more efficient. Moreover, Voice Calendar lacks the ability to differentiate from instructions, taking everything  literally unlike Siri found on iPhone 4S devices. This is a handy app to have, but not a necessity to own.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:No

Learning Curve:Simple. Just tap and speak

Who Is It For:People who prefer using voice control to organize their schedules

What I Like:Integration with default calendary app

What I Don't Like:Intelligence of app is very limited

Final Statement:Perhaps you might consider the old fashioned pen and paper?

Read the Developer's Notes:
Create iDevice calendar item (extract date & time information from what you say and setup automatically) by your voice:
Call my Dad at 9 pm.
Safari on July 10th.
Go to shopping on Sunday.
Sales meeting after 45 minute.
Visit John on Christmas Day.

Support America, Canada, Australia, British and New Zealand common festival, no more calculating on Easter, just say 'Party with Friend on Easter.'

In addition, Voice Calendar can do date calculation and speak result:
What date will it be this Friday?
What day of the week is April 6th?
How many days left till December 15th?

Built-in support:
American English
Australia English
British English

User Reviews:
'It works so well I have passed it on to at least 20 other "senior citizens".' - Nick. C
'Love this app!' - MacNikki
'Creating calendar entries has never been so easy.' - Michael. S

Video: https://youtu.be/RyQz7uxUrHQ

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