Voice Recorder HD Review – Simple, effective, to the point. Genius

On June 25, 2012

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Voice Recorder HD Review – Simple, effective, to the point. Genius

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Version #: 6.2

Date Released: 2012-11-02

Developer: eFUSION

Price: 1.99

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Voice Recorder HD is a no frills audio app for iPad and iPhone. Don’t be fooled by the HD, it’s not about the screen (it works in my old iPod Touch 2nd Gen) but about the audio quality.

What can you do with Voice Recorder HD? First and foremost, recording audio. After all, this is what the app is designed for. And straight away, opening it prompts you with a nicely rendered old school microphone and a record and stop audio button. Simple, to the point.

Voice Recorder HD has no record length limit (aside from what free space you have) and has iCloud sharing… With a neat Max file size toggle. Filling Apple’s remote storage service can be a problem, but not with Voice Recorder HD. In addition to iCloud, the app also offers SoundCloud upload and Dropbox backup. Handy! After all, I use a lot more Dropbox than iCloud (and I know a lot of musically inclined people that use SoundCloud.) Finally, you can label memos and add a text description.

As you can see, Voice Recorder HD is what it is: an audio app. Nothing fancy, nothing odd. Does its job and does it very well.

In short: Voice Recorder HD is an effective audio recording app. Does what it does, and does it well.

Editor note: Since Voice Recorder HD is under active development, new features are already available: multi-selection delete for multiple notes (free), and trimming, rewind and speed setting as in-app purchase.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:Voice memo people

What I Like:No frills, does the work

What I Don't Like:No problems so far

Final Statement:A good, effective audio voice recorder

Read the Developer's Notes:
Quick high quality audio recording, stunning interface plus easy to operate, "Voice Recorder HD" is a must have application for your iPad and iPhone.

It is a full featured recorder for business man, audio professional, sound engineer, journalist and anyone else who needs to manage voice memos.

It is Unique For:
? Audio quality
? iCloud sharing (iOS 5 and above).
? Dropbox upload and SoundCloud sharing.
? Audio files Export/Import over the USB (*.wav only)
? Simple user interface
? Supports any OS(Mac,Windows,Linux, etc) to play
? iPad retina display support
? Accessibility support for people with disabilities

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