Walking War Robots Review – Fun online multiplayer frenzy, with robots

On October 24, 2014

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Walking War Robots Review – Fun online multiplayer frenzy, with robots

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By: Pixonic

Version #: 0.6.1

Date Released: 2014-10-06

Developer: WWR

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Bullets coming from everywhere while rockets land all around you, duck behind a building while waiting for your rocket launcher to reload and deliver hell to an enemy just the other side of the hill. All the while your team companions are securing the victory beacons and helping you clear out the zone of enemies. This is Walking War Robots in all its glory.

WWR (for short, Walking War Robots from now on) is a multiplayer game for iPad and iPhone (and iPod Touch, of course). You play the role of the driver of a, well, walking war robot (what you probably know as a Mech) playing in fast skirmishes online. The game will work better with a newer device, but works perfectly starting with an iPhone 4s, for instance, and an internet connection, for now you can’t play offline.

Battles are quite fast paced (even if your initial robot walks pretty slowly, battles don’t last more than 5 minutes) and the graphics are stunning. Full 3D setting you can walk around while dodging enemies and spreading rockets, and great sound effects to complement. WWR is an impressive game.

Games are set up pretty quick, the most I’ve waited is 2 minutes,once, all my other games were ready in less than 30 seconds. This is, of course, pretty important since long waits for playing online lead to players leaving the game. No need to worry about this, WWR will get you playing in no time. In addition, controls are incredibly straightforward, you don’t even need a tutorial. At least I didn’t, and just loaded the game and entered the fray. Left hand side virtual stick moves your robot around, anywhere else pans your view and the right-hand-side button fires your weapons. Easy as pie!

Your initial robot is outfitted with a machine gun as light weapon and a 3-rocket launcher as heavy weapon. Ammunition is unlimited, but reloading takes its time. For the initial machine gun, you get 400 rounds at 20 rounds per second, which will deliver 1720 damage points per second and 400×86=34400 total damage, for a reload time of 10 seconds. It’s quite important to get these numbers right to decide what to do with your robot: if you were to fire constantly the machine gun would be reloading 1/3 of the total time, so the average damage per second is 1146. On the other hand, the heavy weapon (an automatically guided missile) fires up to 5 rounds per second with 750 damage, but carries only 3 rounds at its basic level. You’ll deliver a whooping 2250 damage points per second… Once every 12 seconds, which is the reload rate (hence a dismal damage per second of 173.) The advantage of a rocket launcher, though, is that it autotargets and is guided, so you don’t even need to aim it or worry about many kinds of covers your enemy may take. Range is also great, at 600 metres, whereas the machine gun has only 500m range. Just as an example of how tricky this can get, the second machine gun you can get has 165 damage per round at 100 rounds, with 10 seconds reload and 6.7 rounds per second (and 800 metres range.) What is better? The basic or this one? (hint: not this one.)

WWR is a free game, with the usual range of IAPs for this style of MMO game. Of course, paying for IAPs will get you one of the best robots faster (since your robot will be impressive!) but just by playing normally you can also get the rewards needed for better robots, better guns, and more importantly, more experience (not of only of the robot, but of you as the player.) Thus if you have the money to spare, you can get a beefy robot right out of bat. If you don’t, just enjoy the game and it will come naturally.

In short: You definitely need to give Walking War Robots a spin or two and see if you like what you see. I’m sure you will!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Definitely

Learning Curve:As big as you want

Who Is It For:MMO lovers

What I Like:Fluid, impressive graphics

What I Don't Like:I'd like more weapons, but there are quite a few already

Final Statement:You definitely need to check Walking War Robots

Read the Developer's Notes:

Take part in epic, explosive multiplayer robotic battles in Walking War Robots! Put yourself in the cockpit of huge battle robot. Walk out in your armored goliath and take down anyone who stands in your way. Team up and own the battlefield in 5vs5 domination challenge


Will you take out your enemies with long range cannons, or drive straight into the fray with short range mg’s? It’s up to you in Walking War Robots.


- Try out all 11 powerful robots in battle.
- Choose between 14 different weapon types.
- Use deep upgrade system, to increase your robot’s firepower, speed and durability.
- Face your enemies in 5vs5 team multiplayer with huge variation of tactics.
- Enjoy beautiful 3D world, turned in a giant battlefield!

What are you waiting for, pilot?

For more info and all the latest news check out Walking War Robots Community:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/walking.war.robots
WWR Forums: https://wwr.mobi/

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