Watercolors Review – A colorful challenging puzzle

On July 7, 2014

App Type: iPad, iPhone

Watercolors Review – A colorful challenging puzzle

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Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2014-07-01

Developer: Watercolors Support

Price: Free

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When I was a fourth grader, our teacher taught us a funny mnemonic to keep all the primary and secondary colors in mind, which I ironically forgot! But for the current generation of the iPadized kids, a few minutes with the Watercolors game should do the trick.

On reading App Store’s description on the theme of the game, I though that it would just be a ripoff of the fairly popular Blendamaze game. However, taking away the Labyrinth-like tilt controls and restricting the colors to just the three primaries, Watercolors in fact betters the former.


Each level is a canvas with some colored circles, corresponding rings and many lines or tracks interconnecting them, altogether giving the shapes of a running man, a ninja’s shuriken, whorls of a flower, a giant ‘S’ or a Christmas tree, according to the way you look at them.

The gameplay maybe compared to the Free Flow: Bridges game, where we start the brush strokes at one colored circle and end at another, but here, at the junctions, the meeting colors get mixed, as if they’re in a palette. Bring two primaries together and the later strokes take the nascent secondary.

Keep on drawing, until all the rings are illuminated by their own wavelengths and that too, in the minimal number of steps to be the Van Gogh of Watercolors.


The initial levels are simple and resembles your kid’s join-the-dots game but the real fun begins as the crisscrossing begins. Each junction will have about four ways to go and you wouldn’t have a clue, unless you start pre-planning your steps.

The levels look so deceptively easy that you’ll be annoyed when you can’t solve it even after quarter an hour. And as obvious, this challenge is what brings the addictivity to Watercolors. You’ll try and try until you give up and then you came back for more, until you finally crack it.

The free game gives you access to three packs of 45 levels each while three more similar packs and some hints (you’ll probably need a bunch of those) are available as in-app purchases. The excessive use of white spaces and the jumpy interface is in line with iOS 7 and succeeds in providing that LetterPress and Dots feel to the game. The soft flute-ish background music and the subtle bubble-popping touch-feedback adds to the overall experience.

To conclude, Watercolors is a non-complex yet supremely challenging puzzle game which is sure to appeal to all addictive game lovers. If you’re through the first 3 x 45 levels, you’re bound to hit the purchase button next to the other three!

Get Watercolors for iPhone and iPad for free from the App Store.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Of course!

Learning Curve:Medium.

Who Is It For:Puzzle lovers.

What I Like:The interface, colors and the gameplay.

What I Don't Like:None, till now!

Final Statement:Red plus Green equals Yellow!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Watercolors: the mind-painting puzzle game.

Mix red, yellow and blue to paint your way through hundreds of challenging levels. Fill the glowing circles with the indicated color to complete each puzzle. Just wait and see what happens when you combine all three colors, it might BLOW your mind!

Keep your mind sharp and have fun playing with colors. Experience the almost magical feeling of dragging and combining colors!

Levels start simple and they progress until your mind is really put to test. And you'll have to discover interesting strategies for completing each puzzle.


• MOVES: complete each puzzle in as less swipes as possible to get 3 stars for each level
• TIME TRIAL: race against the clock and see how fast you can solve the puzzles
• CHALLENGES: challenge your friends through game center and see if they've got what it takes

Oh, and no worries if you're colorblind. We've got that covered for you as well.

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