What Are You Born To Do? – Review

On June 15, 2009

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What Are You Born To Do? – Review

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By: What Are You Born To Do?

Version #: 1.00

Date Released: 2009-06-06

Developer: Trippert, Inc.

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What we have here is a simple quiz that in the end tells you what you are born to do. 

The series of questions such as "A boy crying cause his cat is stuck on a tree.  You…"  Then a series of options. 

I am guessing the quiz gets a quick personality profile according to your answers. 



In the end you are given a vague idea of what you are to do.  I was given Heroes:  "Now we are not talking about becoming a super hero…but you were born to help others and put others in front of your needs.  You are caring and that is your biggest strength.  You will do really well in those fields in which you have to help others like social work or medicine."  I guess this is pretty accurate since I am a high school teacher and coach. 

Once you answer the questions that is pretty much it.  The questions do not change if you want to try again.  This app is pretty much a one time use unless you want to let your friends or family try it.  When you are finished finding out what to do you are able to upload the results to Facebook. 

If you are on Facebook then you see a constant stream of quizzes from your friends.  Things like what kind of breakfast food you are, or which Simpsons character are you.  I do not answer those quizzes and get super annoyed at all of them running through my feed.  Maybe that could be one reason I did not care for this app.  Or it could be the fact that it is a one time, three minute experience. 

It is free, so go ahead and try it.  Once you know what to do with your life, you can always delete the app and begin your new life.

Quick take:
Value:  Not really
Would I buy again? No
Learning Curve:  None
Who is it for?  Facebook quiz people.  Anyone who does not know what they were born to do.
What I like:  Smoothe interface.
What I don’t:  Facebook quizzes!

Read the Developer's Notes:
The popular Facebook quiz comes to the iPhone!Answer the questions, discover what it is you are born to do, and share the results to Facebook and see what your friends think.
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