White Mouse – Review and Giveaway

On November 26, 2008

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White Mouse – Review and Giveaway

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By: White Mouse

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-11-23


Price: 0.99

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There are some games that are simple, and it is there downfall. Other games, like White Mouse, are simple, and it fits perfectly. Once opened White Mouse has the basic Instructions, High Score, and Play options. Instructions basically just tell you to catch the mouse using cat paws, high score will tell you the fastest you were able to catch the mouse previously, and finally play will begin the game. Gameplay is easy, when you start the mouse will begin in the center of the board, each turn you are allowed to place one cat paw in an attempt to catch the mouse before it escapes off the board. The challenge is that each time you place a paw, the mouse will move one space towards the edge. If the mouse makes it to the edge, you lose. If you get lucky enough to catch the mouse you win, and hopefully achieve a new high score. The only real way to win is to manage to trap the mouse in a circle of paws and slowly move in around him until he’s trapped.

White Mouse is a game of luck as much as skill. A lot of times you won’t have a chance to catch the mouse, it is almost impossible. No matter where you place the paws, it just isn’t going to happen. Other times you get lucky enough that the pre-placed will be in such an order you actually can trap the mouse in a circle. Placing the paws does tend to get a tad difficult at times though, too. The spaces on the board are smaller than your finger which means when you tap a space, you have a very good chance of the paw being placed in a adjacent one. The first few times you play this game, this is almost a guarantee to happen, and often times will result in you losing the game, and frustrating you. Give it time though, after a few games, you will eventually get the hang of the placement, but don’t expect perfection because even after 10-20 games, you will still have that oddball that will land in the wrong space and cost you the game.



Value: Medium

Would I Buy Again: Yes

Learning Curve: Easy

Who is it For: Everyone, it’s a game!

My Likes: Simple, fun, great way to spend a few minutes.

My Dislikes: Paw placement isn’t perfect, after a few games the game gets repetitive.

Final Statement: White Mouse is a good way to spend a few extra minutes here and there. I mentioned that it tends to get repetitive. This would be an easy fix and one that I am really hoping for. I am crossing my fingers for a few new maps, maybe random wall placements or any other trick that would add to the excitement of this game.

Rating: 3 stars

The Developer of White Mouse has also been generous enough to give us a few promo codes to giveaway for this game. If you would like a chance to win White Mouse for FREE simply leave a comment below telling us about the most unique mouse trap/way to catch a mouse you have ever heard of. The more amusing and out there the better, good luck!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Catch the mouse by encircling it with kitty paws!
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