SpaceTime: Superior Mathematical Computations And Powerful Graphing

On December 2, 2009

App Type: iPhone, Windows Mobile

SpaceTime: Superior Mathematical Computations And Powerful Graphing

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By: Pomegranate Software

Version #: 4.0.2

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Price: 19.99

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There are a wide range of industries and professions that require access to mathematics and graphing programs and calculators. Usually these tools will come in the form of desktop or laptop software that cannot easily translate to any sort of mobile format. The SpaceTime app however delivers an unprecedented array of features to the palm of the hand.

The SpaceTime app offers both two dimensional and three dimensional graphing options that have touch screen controls integrated into their features. Not only can someone plot parametric, polar, vector, field, implicit and contour functions in a two dimensional graph, but they can use the pinch, rotate, and trace options on the screen to get real-time calculations and results.

The same can be said of three dimensional options, and the app user can even create their own interactive controls with the scroll function too. Custom scripts are possible using numeric and symbolic calculations and the options will also allow for all files and calculations to be saved and exported too. The easy to use Catalog tab allows for the appropriate calculations to appear on the screen as well.

The SpaceTime app is the first full-feature mathematical computation app available for mobile devices. The cost for this app is $19.99 and all updates will be made available for no additional fees. It can function with Windows Mobile, iPhone and iPod Touch devices and requires OS 2.2.1 for full functionality.

If you want to enjoy a remarkable mobile scientific and mathematic computing experience, this is the app to acquire today.

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