Wiper Messenger Review – Wipe them if you mess them

On March 6, 2015

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Wiper Messenger Review – Wipe them if you mess them

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By: Wiper Inc.

Version #: 1.6

Date Released: 2015-02-28

Developer: Wiper Inc.

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With the growing number of security leaks, leaked WhatsApp chats and government surveillance, having a solid way of communicating with friends and partners is a growing necessity. And Wiper Messenger fits this huge niche perfectly.

Seen from a distance, Wiper Messenger works and behaves like any other chat/voice-over-IP application. I.e. Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram. The cool thing is that you have 100% control over messages you have sent, without needing to smash your friend’s iPhone to delete something. Tap wipe on your phone and zap! Your friend no longer can read that message you sent (and in case your friend takes a screenshot of the message, you’ll get an alert so you can be prepared for what may be coming…). Tapping wipe also deletes any record from Wiper’s own servers. It’s as good as if you hadn’t said anything. Oh, and before I forget, voice calling (be sure to check your data rates!) is in HD quality. Beat that, AT&T!

Setting aside this very cool option, Wiper Messenger packs a good deal of goodies to make you love it. For one, you can listen to music and watch videos for free, within the app. Or send them to your friends, just one tap away. Create playlists, get playlists, you name it. This is something that as far as we know sets Wiper Messenger away, no other chat/voip app has this feature.

And yes, one more thing. Integrated with Wiper Messenger you have a bitcoin wallet, so you can send or receive bitcoins as easy as sending a message to a Wiper user. Also integrated within Wiper Messenger you have wallet balance and transactions. And of course, completely secure transactions and storage (advantages of using bitcoins instead of ‘normal’ currency.)

As you can see, Wiper Messenger is pretty damn cool as a chat app. And it’s totally free, so why don’t you get it, try and convince your gossipy friends to check it? And don’t forget your Android friends, Wiper Messenger is available also for them.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes, it's free

Learning Curve:Nil

Who Is It For:Anyone using another chat app

What I Like:Wiping messages, neat and useful.

What I Don't Like:Nothing in particular

Final Statement:Give it a shot!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Use Wiper Messenger to text and call other Wiper Messenger users for free, worldwide. Erase your messages from friends' phones instantly. Make secure calls, with HD sound. And enjoy free music!

New: Wiper bitcoin wallet! Send and receive bitcoin as easy as you send and receive chats.

Need help? Write us at [email protected] or https://twitter.com/gowiper.

· Message and call¹ your Wiper Messenger contacts anytime
· Tap “Wipe” to erase a chat from your phone and your friend’s phone, instantly²
· Enjoy HD sound quality on our secure calls

· Protect chats and calls with our automatic encryption
· Know instantly when your messages are read
· Get an alert if a friend takes a screenshot of your chat

· Search for music and other videos. Listen with Wiper's music and video player, or send them to friends.
· Enjoy playlists for popular music. Plus, create your own!
· Help your friends make playlists and discover new music by sending them your favorites

· Store, send and receive bitcoin in your Wiper bitcoin wallet
· Securely exchange bitcoin with anyone. Plus, send and receive bitcoin with Wiper users as easy as you send and receive chats.
· View bitcoin transaction history and wallet balance

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