Wisdom Quotes HD Review

On February 15, 2011

App Type: iPhone

Wisdom Quotes HD Review

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By: Semyon Milbert

Version #: 1.10

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Developer: By XIMAD

Price: $1.99

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The name of this app says it all; you’ll find thousands of famous (and less famous) quotes here you can blurt out whenever you feel like it. Great for discussing late at night in the local bar or just at home in front of the television. Clicking through the app, you will find many famous people like Einstein, Wagner, Goethe and many others.

Graphically the app resembles an old book with some modern ‘bookmarks’ sticking out of it; those bookmarks are to get you to the main menu, social bookmarking, searching and accessing your favorites. You can flip through pages and add anything to your favorites and come back to that later. The interface for that is nicely done and easy / intuitive to understand for any user. If you are looking for quotes in a certain category, you can simply click on them and see which quotes are in there, but you can also just search for quotes with certain keywords.

With thousands of quotes and a nice interface, I would recommend this app if you like quotes and quoting people. I wonder if it would be nice to make it more social, so people and add/recommend quotes which are shared among other users of this app. Maybe something for the next version?

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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