Wooble Attack for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch – Review

On October 5, 2012

App Type: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Wooble Attack for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch – Review

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By: Local Wisdom, Inc.

Version #: 1.0.2

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We’ve all played Whac-A-Mole some time in a our childhoods, a game requiring fast reflexes and dexterity. However, Wooble Attack takes things to a whole new level by increasing the difficulty to such point that you will be left gasping for air after each round.

In Wooble Attack, expect to see the cliché 6 mole holes whereby monsters dubbed Woobles will pop out randomly within a limited time. Players can choose to hammer at them by tapping them individually or speed up the process by swiping Woobles of the same color for a chain of combos. The game throws in a few perks and tricks here and there such as chests that can only be open when labeled number of Woobles are swiped into its path, as well as clocks whereby the number of Woobles swept into it determines how much of a time extension you get.

The game starts to get difficult when Woobles with hats appear. These monstrous little imps change colors randomly, and so one must react extremely quickly to get to them in time.

Wooble Attack isn’t all about torturing the players by pushing their reflexes to the limits however, with coins accumulated during the course of the game being able to buy them power ups such as the ability to put Woobles to sleep. More coins can also be collected after rounds, where a jackpot is spun that can earn users more coins amongst other bonuses. Of course, coins are never enough and therefore are made available as in-app purchases.

A free app, I would strongly recommend Wooble Attack to any person who would like to relive his childhood of smashing hammers at plastic moles.

We rate this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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