Word Head Review – Think in a new dimension

On December 24, 2012

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Word Head Review – Think in a new dimension

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By: Andrew Kiger

Version #: 1.03

Date Released: 2012-12-16

Developer: Andrew Kiger

Price: 0.99

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iOS users have always had a special taste for word games. From the age old Scrabble to the latest LetterPress game, AppStore seems to twinkle at word puzzles. Word Head is the newborn sibling, introducing unseen concepts in the familiar genre.

This product from Andrew Kiger is basically a 3D version of the hidden word game. Unlike you might think, an additional dimension has made this simple game into a hardcore puzzle. You are provided a 4x4x4 cube (Rubik’s cube like form) with letters instead of colors. Swipe to turn the cube and explore the sides. When you find a word in the list, double tap to fix it and swipe over them to make them go poof! (Screenshots would make so much sense!)

Each level has a specific theme like animals, fruits, planets etc for the lists and you have to spot them all. When the list is exhausted, the first letter and the number of letters of a surprise word is given and this becomes your next target. Finish that too and add an alphabet to your achievements board (Alphabet Quest Mode). Otherwise, choose Word List Mode to replay some of the completed themes (sort of relax mode).

As the levels progress, things get crazy as the cubes increase in size and words are spread over different dimensions. Various themes and the option to add background music from the library, are soothing. The confusing interface and the default Apple notification are drawbacks but in now way, affects the gameplay. To sum up, if you are a lover of word puzzles, this one is not to be missed and if you can’t take my word for it, there is always a lite version for you to try out!

Editor note: It’s free until New Year! Grab it soon!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Looking forward!

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Passtime gamers.

What I Like:The new concept.

What I Don't Like:No sound effects.

Final Statement:Crazy Brains!

Read the Developer's Notes:

"Word Head" . . . I have something very special for you. It's a book . . . a magic tome. It will take you places you've never, ever imagined. You'll discover many hidden words . . . and possibly their meanings. And if you're really good, you may discover the alphabet. Ahhh . . . the alphabet. What would we do without the alphabet? Certainly not be reading these words. This rare find is surely worth three gold. Go now Word Head! . . . go find the words and begin your alphabet quest . . . and don't give up!

Welcome to Word Head and the Alphabet Quest! Word Head is a word search game on a freely rotating 3D cube. There are numerous themed word lists to play, with many to unlock through the Alphabet Quest. You can also make your own word lists from an extensive word look-up provided in 4 languages: English, French, German, and Spanish – over 1.6 million words! You can share your custom word lists with friends through the Game Center and wireless Bluetooth. Plus Word Head uses the iOS dictionary to provide definitions for many of the words. And there are numerous Achievements and Leader Boards to rank your Word Head on the Game Center. So have fun, improve your mind and vocabulary, and play Word Head!


* Traditional Word Search on a 3D cube
- 4x4 cube - 96 letters
- 5x5 cube - 150 letters
- 6x6 cube - 216 letters
- 7x7 cube - 294 letters
- And possibly more . . .

* Word Placement & Game Play
- Words placed randomly in an orthogonal or diagonal manner in all eight cardinal directions
- Words wrap around corners of cube both orthogonally and diagonally - think 3D
- Scoring based on word selection times - the quicker you select a word from the last successful selection, the more points you earn
- Multiple instances of a word on the cube are playable (Bonus Points)
- Games are saved during all interruptions

* 3 modes of play
- Alphabet Quest Mode - A series of 26 games where you attempt to earn all the letters of the Alphabet. You must find an additional hidden word in each game in order to advance to the next game in the series. The Alphabet Quest is integral to Word Head because it's the only way to unlock word lists and game features.
- Word List Mode - A single game where you can play any unlocked or custom word list scoring points
- Casual Mode - Similar to Word List Mode but no points are scored

* 79 Themed word lists to be unlocked as you play the Alphabet Quest
- Play Word Head in English, French, German, or Spanish

* Un-lockable features through the Alphabet Quest
- Word Lists
- Cube Sizes
- Cube Themes - 5 Themes
- Cube Inverse Colors
- Word Density - 8 to 50 words per game based on word list and cube size

* Create custom word lists from the word look-up provided in four languages
- US English: 153,000 + words
- UK English: 154,000 + words
- French: 269,000 + words
- German: 675,000 + words
- Spanish: 419,000 + words

- Great for memorizing spelling or vocabulary lists

* Share custom word lists with your family and friends through the Game Center or Bluetooth

* Create "custom words" by concatenating (stringing together) words to create short sentences or phrases for your custom word lists (Maximum 16 characters not counting spaces)
- send special messages to your friends

*Uses the internal iOS dictionary for word definitions in English, French, German, and Spanish

* Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 5.1 or later.

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