Yahoo! Time Traveler – Review – Misleading title, handy app

On September 17, 2012

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Yahoo! Time Traveler – Review – Misleading title, handy app

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By: Yahoo!

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2012-05-24

Developer: Yahoo!

Price: Free

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Just to make it clear right from the start, despite what the name suggests, Yahoo! Time Traveler does not involve going back in time to save the world or going into the future to marvel at magnificent forthcoming monuments in time to come. Rather, Yahoo! Time Traveler serves as a virtual travel guide of sorts, helping you to plan your trips.

Misleading title aside, what sets Yahoo! Time Traveler apart from other guides is that instead of merely promoting places of interests, it actually plans your travel schedule for you. Simply input your location of visit as well as the amount of time you plan to spend there and the app will do the necessary calculations for you. After which, users are presented with a detailed schedule of where to visit and how long to stay at each station of interest, as well as a mapped out route on how to proceed to said locations.

In terms of layout and design, the app makes it very easy to navigate through its interface and planned trips are also very readable and friendly to scroll through. The purple color scheme makes it stand out from the usual plain shades of such apps, without proving to be an eyesore.

While the concept is indeed a very good idea, the downside of Yahoo! Time Traveler is that the selection of places one can visit is rather limited. Perhaps as a newly doled out app, Yahoo! might launch updates allowing the app to synchronize with other locations as well.

For a free app, I would recommend Yahoo! Time Traveler to be downloaded. It does help with time management, making full use of every hour you can dedicate to exploring the cities its database keeps tabs on.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Simple.

Who Is It For:Travelers.

What I Like:The simple interface and convenience/efficiency offered by a trip planner like this.

What I Don't Like:Selections of cities is rather limited.

Final Statement:Another excuse for last minute vacations!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Explore the city you’re in with Yahoo! TimeTraveler. Create easy-to-follow trip plans - based on the amount of time you have - for dozens of cities worldwide. Simply set your start and end points, the time you have available and Yahoo! TimeTraveler will create a custom itinerary to guide you through the city.

Features include:

• 29 cities to choose from including: London, New York, San Francisco, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Chicago, New Orleans, Paris, Rome, Toronto, Barcelona, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, Austin, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Colorado Springs, Minneapolis, Honolulu, Atlanta, Miami, Dubai, Christchurch (NZ), Los Angeles

• Generates optimized trip plan based on user inputs that include:
• Start location
• End location
• Trip duration up to 10 hours
• Integrated map support with routing and directions
• Ability to generate multiple trip plans for one or more cities
• Ability to share trip plan via email, Facebook and Twitter

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