Yomaney Budget Spent Tracker Review – A slick budget tracking app

On June 2, 2013

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Yomaney Budget Spent Tracker Review – A slick budget tracking app

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By: Omer Tamir

Version #: 1.5.2

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Developer: Omer Tamir

Price: $4.99

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Yomaney is a slick, cloud-based (all data is stored in an account you have to create online) spending tracker. With simplicity in mind, you won’t be clobbered with endless options. After all, keeping a budget is one of the most tiresome things we don’t bother to do daily… If it’s not easy enough we won’t do it.

To power this simplicity, in the Yomaney budget tracking app the number of “moving things” is very limited: you have accounts to hold assets (money) or credit, incomes to fuel these accounts and expenses to drain them. Simple and effective. Expenses come in categories, so you can separate electricity bills from rent bills. Not fancy: simple and to the point.¬†Having this separation in categories lets you report this data: how much you spent this week/month/year (or last month.)

Hidden behind expenses and expenses categories is an advanced button, where some magic happens: you can set recurring payments, that can either be direct debit (so they are discounted straight from your accounts) or not: these generate alerts to keep you on track of what you need to pay (no more hurrying around because the car insurance is due!)

All in all Yomaney offers a wide range of budget tracking options without being overwhelming with details, unless you want to. Perfectly tailored to all tastes, from data freaks to on-budget students.

Never be caught with your account in red, or even worse without an insurance!

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Would I Buy Again:Not sure

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:Budget trackers

What I Like:Simple

What I Don't Like:Cloud based

Final Statement:A decent budget tracking app

Read the Developer's Notes:
Monitor spending on the go, Sync your data across devices. Get unpaid bills alerts and control your budget.
Yomaney gives you a clear picture of what you spending your money on.

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