You’re #1 – Review

On August 1, 2008

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You’re #1 – Review

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By: UtiliTouch, Inc.

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-07-31


Price: 0.99

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Earlier this week two little apps called “GFCaller/BFCaller” (Girlfriend/Boyfriend Caller) were released. The concept is simple.

Each creates an icon that, when touched, initiates a call to your significant other (or anyone of your choosing- think super speed dial). I gave these apps a quick review and concluded, "great concept, lousy execution". What were the issues? 

First, the app keeps a visual count (a small circle with a number over it) of how many times you call your significant other (no, you can’t turn this off.)  This is confusing because, as a regular iPhone user, I know that a “visual” of this type indicates an alert of some kind (often requiring me to take some type of ACTION- i.e., update an app, check my voicemail, etc.) I don’t want (or need) to know how many times I have called "that special someone".

Second, the application icon looks like an ad for a 900 number.  I DON’T want/need a racy photo on my phone to know which app to use. Third,  "that special someone" I call most often isn’t my wife; it’s my assistant.  And, touching THAT icon to dial my assistant just doesn’t work for me.

“You’re #1” takes the “GFCaller” idea and makes it more civilized. It does not have the “red light-district” icon, nor does it tell you how many times you’ve called your significant other. It does one simple thing- allows you to call the person of your choosing, using a single tap on the home screen.  The icon for this new app looks more like a flag for your favorite sports team (a bid red #1)- an improvement over the last one.  However, I wish I could select my own icons- one for my wife and one for my assistant.  And, of course, I wish it were free. Nevertheless, I can see this app being exceptionally useful for me.

Quick Take

Value: Useful for $.99
Would I Buy Again: Yes
Learning Curve: Zero
Who is it for: Anyone who wants quick access to one, frequently called, number
What I like: Useful little utility
What I Don’t: Lag-time between hitting the icon and the call being dialed, No way to customize the look of the app’s icon.
Final Statement:  Useful for me. Torture for my assistant.   


Read the Developer's Notes:
Call your favorite contact with just 1 tap!

You love your iPhone but launching the Phone app, tapping Favorites, flicking to the top of the list, and tapping the name of your favorite contact is a lot of steps! You call them all the time. Wouldn't it be great if they were just 1 tap away? Now with You're #1 they are.

The first time you launch You're #1 select a contact and that's it. The next time you tap You're #1 it will automatically make the call.


• Fast 1 tap dialing
• Safer dialing when driving


• Lets you choose which of their phone numbers to call
• Always knows their phone number even if you update it
• Allows you to select a new contact or phone number by using Settings
• Doesn't pester you with a count of how many times you've called them

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