Zombie Farm for iPhone and iPad Review

On December 22, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Zombie Farm for iPhone and iPad Review

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By: The Playforge, LLC

Version #: 0.82

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Developer: By The Playforge, LLC

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What do you get when you mix the infamous Facebook game Farm Ville with the Undead? Right; a game in which you are supposed to create a farm where you plant crops but also zombies. You get ‘seeds’ for your crops and zombies in exchange for gold. So what does a ‘sower of the undead’ do all day? Well, according to this game he plows, buys, sows and harvests. And between the sowing and the harvesting there is a lot of waiting…

When the waiting is over, you harvest your crops and get gold in exchange; the gold you use to plant more crops and zombies. The game takes you by the hand in what you have to do. There are different tasks at any moment involving the planting of crops and zombies and/or the harvesting thereof. It takes a certain time for any crop to grow; some take a day, some take an hour. If you harvest them too late after they are done, they’ll spoil, so you better stay alert and check in often.

Luckily the developer made use of iOS 4 and the game has a notification feature. Every time crops are ready, the iPhone notifies you of this and brings you right into the game to harvest and to continue sowing. Without that feature, to me the game would’ve been unplayable. What did make it unplayable though was that it kept crashing at critical times on iPhone 3G with iOS 4.2, for instance right before an invasion, meaning you have to wait for hours again before you can invade again.

Zombie Farm is not really my taste in games, but it’s a well executed ‘freemium’. It’s free until you buy in-game goods like gold, which you get in exchange for real $. It’s either that or have a lot of patience to earn everything yourself. With the extras like zombie invasions the game is quite entertaining for something that, on the surface, appears rather tame.

We rate this app 3 out of 5 stars.

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