Zombie Fish Tank Review – A Great Game With A Horrible Theme

On July 29, 2013

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Zombie Fish Tank Review – A Great Game With A Horrible Theme

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By: Aidem Media

Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2013-05-23

Developer: Chillingo Ltd

Price: 0.99

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I’d completely ignore the lame plot involved with this game and instead focus solely on the game play which is rather good. Something about an angry fish seeking revenge for having his girlfriend trampled on turning all cannibalistic just seems ridiculous to me. But then again, so are the far-fetched plots of many casual games today.

To start off, the game can be played either by tilting the screen around making use of the accelerometer, or via an on-screen joystick. I personally found the joystick easier to maneuver but it is entirely up to you.

Food chain hierarchy seems to be the crux of the game. You go around devouring fish that are smaller than you while at the same time avoiding radioactive fish that are twice your size.

Seems legit.

Then you have random power ups scattered across the stages that are literally, well, random. Things like a rocket booster or magnets for your fish to equip. You’d be raising a few eyebrows while playing this game.

I did, however, like the game play. It was not so much stagnated and repetitive, but rather different stages presented across unique concepts and features. From your regular and expected exploratory based levels where you move around a fixed space, to moving levels where the entire backdrop is moving and you’d have to adapt fast in order to not be left behind.

This is an interesting game, and I’d definitely play it again. I couldn’t really see how the zombie theme fitted in though.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Moderately easy depending on which control set you prefer

Who Is It For:Casual gamers

What I Like:Gameplay is rather interesting

What I Don't Like:The plot is lame and doesn't make sense

Final Statement:Zombies, not even once

Read the Developer's Notes:
Underwater, no one can hear you scream!

"...you really can’t go wrong with Zombie Fish Tank." — 8/10, Capsule Computers

Scientists took away your love, your freedom, and after many experiments, your life. Back from the dead with a taste for revenge, snack your way up the food chain, taking on the laboratory’s terrifying creations and monstrosities.

Tilt your device in all directions to guide your zombie fish around 40 stages, gobbling up small fry’s along the way. Grow bigger and badder with each bite and use power-ups to help or hinder your insatiable appetite.

Steer clear of bigger fish to avoid becoming someone else’s dinner. Change up your strategy to outsmart the game’s bosses and cause havoc as the scientists attempt to cover up their mistake.

Cultivate your own aquarium made up of the lab’s misfit experiments. Decorate your fish tank and fill it with a selection of 81 fish to boost your zombie fish’s abilities.

Game Features:
• Addictive gameplay that’ll have players hooked
• 40 levels with a variety of challenging objectives
• Over 80 fish to chow down on or put in your aquarium
• Sharp and animated 2D visuals bring this fishy tale to life
• UNIVERSAL: Go fishing on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

This game features non-compulsory In-App Purchases. If you do not wish to use this feature please disable In-App Purchases in your device settings.

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