Zookeeper DX Review – Put’em all in cages

On November 14, 2012

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Zookeeper DX Review – Put’em all in cages

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Version #: 1.0.5

Date Released: 2012-11-08

Developer: ZOOKEEPER?DX Support

Price: Free

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App of the week! To fill the spot, once occupied by Angry Birds and Cut the Rope? I don’t think so. That doesn’t mean that this app needs to stay in the servers. Instead, this is a highly addictive and must-have game for your scented device, but just not the way, as with some previous title-holders.

First, be familiar with the story line. Somewhere in China, there is a zoo-owner who treats animals cruelly. Fed up with this, the inmates have started a revolt and have broken out of their cages. The boss appoints you as the new zookeeper and you have to capture all the animals back to where they belong.

Don’t start guessing the gameplay just yet, because it has nothing to do with the above mentioned story. You do have alot of deers and pandas and elephants in this game, but only as little tiles on the board.

If you have played Bejewelled by EA, you can very well skip this para. We have a 8×8 checkerboard with different tiles of tiny animal faces. You can swap adjacent tiles to make three in a row, to capture them. Though 3 is the threshold, you can do any more or combos or chains. Combos can be made even by making a new set when the previous one is just disappearing (an unseen and decent feature). Occasionally, a flickering tile appears and taping on it will capture all animals of one random type. Capture given number of animals in limited time to complete the levels.

The time, allotted to reach target captures, decrease as the levels progress. When time nears null, the tiles start shivering and you can hear your heart beat. Just like the hint button in Bejewelled, you can tap on the binocular icon for help. Binoculars are gained by your performance and hence, doesn’t give you the guilt of cheating. In addition to this time-dependant gameplay, target-based and multiplayer modes are also available. Both work like charms and retain the same addiction.

The animation follows the current trend of pixels; Even my iPad 2 display looks retina after playing it for sometime. The background score is apt for the game, but becomes boring after regular play. To conclude, Zookeeper DX is a really well executed quick fix game where the replay rate is really high. This will surely make a good addition to the apps folder, but for how long? Find out yourself.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:One touch gamers

What I Like:The addiction

What I Don't Like:The music

Final Statement:Get this as a free Bejewelled alternative

Read the Developer's Notes:
The definitive version of ZOOKEEPER, the action puzzle game that has attracted 10 million players, is free to download on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch for a limited time only!

The App that reached No. 1 on both the Japan App Store's Paid and Games rankings has left its home territory to be featured on App Stores worldwide!

[How to play ZOOKEEPER]
This puzzle game is based on the simplest of rules: switch the positions of two adjacent panels in order to make rows of three or more.

Just touch the animal you want to move, slide it toward the animal you want to switch it for, and voila! The animals are switched.
If three or more of the same animals are lined up horizontally or vertically, those animals are caught.
Catch the target number of animals to advance to the next stage!

You can even see how your high scores match up against other players worldwide in the Game Center.
Aim for the top! Be the BEST ZOOKEEPER EVER!

Catch the target number of animals on each stage, and aim to beat all stages in the game!

Catch 100 of any animal to level up! A limitless mode for dedicated players.

Play this online versus version of ZOOKEEPER, free of charge!
(Follow the ZOOKEEPER BATTLE link on the App Store.)

[System Requirements]
iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, iPad or iPod touch (3rd generation or newer) with iOS 4.3 or newer.
Please update iOS version if your device is running iOS4.1 or 4.2.

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