Ahrbol: City HD – Review – Waldo on steroids!

On February 19, 2012

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Ahrbol: City HD – Review – Waldo on steroids!

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By: Lagali Asia Ltd

Version #: 1.1.5

Date Released: 2011-12-13

Developer: Lagali Asia Ltd

Price: Free

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Think of Ahrbol: City HD as Where’s Wally (Waldo) on steroids. Essentially tasking you with the herculean task of searching for needles in haystacks, it also brings the difficulty up a few notches by sometimes not visually showing you what targeted item is.

In Ahrbol: City HD, gameplay is split into different game modes. One example would be sound missions which require players to find objects hinted verbally by the app. A hint button will be present at the bottom of the screen, and will recite a pre-recorded sentence as a clue. Players then have to search for the item amongst the myriad of junk scattered across the screen. Of course, this also means that sound missions cannot be played with the phone on silent mode, and if you are not wearing earphones then you are possibly and very probably going to be annoying your fellow commuters should you choose to do this on a bus.

Other game modes include an alphabet/number mode where as per the name suggests, players have to find numbers or letters of the alphabet. Another mode involves players finding objects, but only in a certain specified order. One can also expect to jerk up the difficulty level yet again with timed challenges, amid other differing game modes. However, one thing that stays constant throughout the game is that the long you take to complete your challenge, the less points you get. Of course, this is without forgetting that in all cases the items are very hard to find.

I felt the game was presented very well. Navigation wise, it was fairly easy to scroll through the different menu and buttons to actually start playing. The layout organized itself very neatly and although the contrasting colors do clutter a little, it did not pose much of a problem in regards to navigation.

Ahrbol: City HD is definitely a recommended app to have. This is something that will please gamers with sharp eyes that pay critical attention to small details. With an assortment of different levels available and more being unlockable as an in-app purchase, this is one app that will surely entertain you for quite some time.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Med. Simple instructions but difficulty level is astounding.

Who Is It For:People with a sharp eye for detail.

What I Like:The variations for item hunting

What I Don't Like:The difficulty of initial levels.

Final Statement:Can you find it?

Read the Developer's Notes:
**From the inventor of Pictureka!

Welcome to Ahrbol!?Ahrbol is a tiny planet that is filled to the notch with objects for you to find using both your eyes and ears.?Try to get to the next level by achieving all kinds of missions and unlock the extra features, get your top score published in the game centre.?Ahrbol comes in 6 different worlds. This is the second one and it is called “City”. In the months to come the other 4 worlds will also become available.

Scenario mode
Follow the scenario and uncover all of Ahrbol’s hidden treasures. 50 levels await you to be unlocked.

Multiplayer mode
An unique feature of this app is the possibility to challenge a friend. You will be playing head to head on 1 Ipad, with loads of missions available. It can’t get more challenging than this!

Sandbox mode
The perfect mode to keep you entertained for hours. Try to find all objects and become a master in all the different kinds of missions.

Unique missions Ahrbol offers some unique new missions: Jigsaw puzzles: shake your Ipad to get started!
Descriptive missions: read the hint to find the object
Find the object: look at the picture and now find that object as fast as you can
Sound missions: listen to the sound or description and now find the object that goes with it
Alphabet/number missions: find those letters/numbers
From…..To…. missions: can you find 3 objects in the correct order?
Timed missions, can you find it within the set time?
Double & Triple challenge missions, 2x & 3x the normal challenge, are you up for it?
Bonus rounds: every 10th level is a bonus round, succeed and earn that title!
Animal missions: there are so many animals hidden in this world, are you able to find them all?
Themed missions: “can you find all frozen items”, “things that give light”, “tools”, “means of transport”, etc.

Several difficulty settings
3 difficulty settings are available making the game suited for everybody, ranging from young children to hard core gamers.

Great educational value
Ahrbol has got great educational value. It is the perfect way to keep you focused, train your brain and have fun at the same time.

About the makers of Ahrbol
Ahrbol was invented by multi award winning game inventor Arne Lauwers. He is also the inventor of the “Pictureka!®” board game, that has been licensed to Hasbro.
All the artwork was created by Het Geel Punt, the acclaimed designer studio from Belgium.
Programming was done by Hong Kong based C.D.E.
Check out all the latest news about Ahrbol on www.ahrbol.com or go to our Facebook fan page.

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