Apple Watch – Specs, features, price, release date and everything you need to know


On September 10, 2014

The Flint Center erupted this morning when Tim Cook mentioned the classic tagline “One more thing…” and as everyone expected, it was a new Apple product, a wrist watch. However it is not called the iWatch, as most believed, but just the Watch or the Apple Watch. Apple went on for an hour about the new stuff […]

Should users wait for the next iPhone?


On March 13, 2012

It isn’t very long since Apple has released the new iPhone 4S but even though the device is the company’s most successful device as of date, for some, it can be considered as a disappointment. One of the reasons is that the iPhone 4S was a longer wait as compared with the previous iPhone releases […]

iPhone 4S review: A closer look at the new device


On November 26, 2011

  The first Apple phone impressed by the concept of multitouch screen. The second brought us the long awaited support for high-speed Internet. iPhone 3GS increased processing rate and raised the iPhone 4 multimedia experience to a higher level (by implementing and launching the application FaceTime HD camera). Here, briefly, how each iPhone generation convinced […]

A to Z on iPhone 4S – All that is known


On November 8, 2011

1. Introduction. The iPhone 4S has been a sensational product by Apple with four million units sold during its first three days of launch. This remarkable feat was made only by this mobile phone and not others.  The product has been covered bit by bit here but never thoroughly so here is an A to […]

Beginner tips for iPhone users


On August 26, 2011

New users may encounter some problems while using the iPhone or they simply do not know the best or fastest way of using iPhone. The iPhone is a very powerful device and if used correctly, the usage of it is limitless.

Why would you make Jailbreak?


On August 16, 2011

Why Jailbreak? A lot of iPhone users today face the issue of whether to jailbreak their devices or not. Today, there are so many reasons as to why a user should jailbreak that the thought of not jailbreaking their devices should not even exist. In fact, jailbreaking has now been made legal in the United […]

The iPhone 5


On June 15, 2011

It is no longer a rumor Apple is coming out with the iPhone 5 this fall.¬†In the iPhone¬†5¬†twitter is built into you iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. There is also a great¬†to do list you can check stuff off when your done and also have location based reminders. Now you can text from your iPad […]

Best and Cheap UDID Activation Service


On June 8, 2011

Do you want to install iOS 5 beta to iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and try out the top 10 features of iOS 5 including the new 200 new features? You need to be enrolled as Apple iOS Developer Portal and activate device ID also known as UDID into iOS provisioning portal by adding device […]

How much is White iPhone 4 cost?


On April 28, 2011

Are you curious how much is the price of white iPhone 4? Does white iPhone 4 cost cheaper or more expensive than black iPhone 4? Hey iPhone Users, if you already seen the white iPhone 4 unboxing video, already known that white iPhones need a little more UV protection from the sun, that’s why the […]

iPad Baseband 06.15.00


On April 9, 2011

iPad Baseband 06.15.00 version came with official iOS 3.2 for iPad 3G. It is vulnerable to the AT+XAPP Vulnerability, which can be exploited via ultrasn0w. iPad Baseband 06.15.00 exists on iOS 3.2, iOS 3.2.1, and iOS 3.2.2, while the next iOS for iPad has higher baseband version. iPad Baseband 06.15.00 can be installed via PwnageTool, […]