The iPhone 5

On June 15, 2011

Coming this fall

It is no longer a rumor Apple is coming out with the iPhone 5 this fall. In the iPhone 5 twitter is built into you iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. There is also a great to do list you can check stuff off when your done and also have location based reminders. Now you can text from your iPad or iPod Touch with the iMessage app. The camera has also been improved now you can organize photos into albums, enhance with a tap, crop and rotate, and remove red-eye without leaving the photos app.

There is also a new camera button at the lock screen and when you press it you can jump right into the  app, and you can use the volume up button to take the picture. Safari has also been remolded now you can open, close, and switch tabs easier and faster. Safari now also has a reader option it sets the font size right, and get out all of the clutter so you can easily read through the article. Now in Safari there is a reader list that Sync across all of you iOS devicesAlso there is now also now a system wide keyboard for iPad so you can type easier and faster.  Mail has also been improved too now you can use rich text editing like making text bold, italics, and underlined.

No more plug the iPhone into your computer to Sync all you have to do is plug-in your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to power and Sync will be started automatically to your computer through wireless network. Now you can share everything you do on your iPad on your flat screen TV with AirPlay. Also for iPad there is a some multitasking gestures so you can flip through app even faster. Also for magazine reader can now see all their subscriptions in the newsstand. And now you can set up your iPad freaash out of the box without pluging in to your  computer.

In the Game Center you now can add pictures to your profile and download app from the Game Center. Also today everyone is getting alot of notification so apple created a brand new way to handle them now when notifications come in they come in as a subtle animation at the top of the screen, and also if you swipe down on the top of the screen it shows a notification center like below, on top of that on the lock screen you can also all of your notifications along with weather and stocks.

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