FLIR ONE turns your iPhone into a heat vision camera


On June 12, 2015

FLIR Systems is a well known name in the thermal imaging industry. They have been manufacturing high-end equipments for the same since 1978 and now they have brought their expertise to a revolutionary new device, the FLIR ONE. It is the world’s first personal heat-imaging device and comes as an accessory for your iPhone 5 and iPhone […]

Canary smart security device finally hits the market


On March 30, 2015

Remember Canary, the home monitoring device whose Indiegogo campaign went through the roof with close to 2 million in funding? They have finally delivered on their promises as Canary hits the shelves today, for $249. So why is Canary so popular? Canary is basically a stylish looking 6 inch high device packed with a HD […]

Ring video doorbell brings security and convenience at your door step


On March 26, 2015

Smart devices started getting a lot of limelight in the past few months, thanks to Apple’s smart home concept and the HomeKit SDK. But even before this developer kit was announced, there were pioneer smart device makers who thought ahead and made some great iPhone controlled home appliances. Many of them are gaining momentum now […]

Best third-party Apple Watch straps you can buy right now


On March 19, 2015

With the Apple Watch coming up next month and expected to sell around 25 million units this year, the third-party accessory makers have already started their work. And undoubtedly, the straps are a major focus. With Apple’s official straps costing $450 for the stainless steel ones and above $150 for leather ones, Cupertino really has […]

InkCase i6 is the most unique case for your iPhone 6


On March 18, 2015

Admit it, we all are guilty of peeking at our iPhones every few minutes, just to check if we missed some important notifications, messages, calls or mails. Not only does it waste a lot of our time but also drains the iPhone’s precious battery. Now we have an innovative solution. Combine the most unique notification […]

Apple Watch – Variants, battery life, pricing and availability


On March 10, 2015

As expected, today’s Apple’s Spring Forward event concentrated greatly on their “most personal device yet”, the Apple Watch. Though Apple announced Apple Watch along with the iPhone 6 last September, many details like the pricing, battery life, etc. remained a mystery. Today, we have all our answers. Read on what we learnt about the Apple […]

5 Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 6


On February 24, 2015

You can now keep your iPhone 6 safe with some stylish cases. Of course, you want a good looking case that will not hide your phones beauty and more so, it should act as a wallet and be able to provide good protection from dirt, scratches, bumps and bangs that come with daily use. Below […]

5 Best Battery Cases for iPhone 6


On February 10, 2015

iPhones continue to get larger, slimmer, and more powerful every year and as much as they are hardy and reliable, there are some few extra things that you might add to them to make them even more efficient. Today we are going to solely focus on the best battery cases for the iPhone 6. Our […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Deals on iPhone and iPad Accessories


On December 4, 2014

So you are one of the lucky folks to get a new iPhone/iPad, or perhaps you are planning on getting one for someone else as a holiday gift. Either way, you are going to want to find some great deals on iPhone and iPad accessories and extras, like headphones, cases, smart covers, stylus pens, screen protectors, holders, […]

Apple Watch – Specs, features, price, release date and everything you need to know


On September 10, 2014

The Flint Center erupted this morning when Tim Cook mentioned the classic tagline “One more thing…” and as everyone expected, it was a new Apple product, a wrist watch. However it is not called the iWatch, as most believed, but just the Watch or the Apple Watch. Apple went on for an hour about the new stuff […]