FLIR ONE turns your iPhone into a heat vision camera

On June 12, 2015


FLIR Systems is a well known name in the thermal imaging industry. They have been manufacturing high-end equipments for the same since 1978 and now they have brought their expertise to a revolutionary new device, the FLIR ONE. It is the world’s first personal heat-imaging device and comes as an accessory for your iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

The FLIR ONE is basically a two-piece case for the 4-inch iPhones. The first snap-on part acts as an anchor for the second slide-in piece and the latter bears the heat sensor. The case connects to the iPhone via the built-in lightning port. Now fire up the FLIR ONE app and get ready to see the heat!

FLIR ONE uses the sensors to capture infrared heat given off by various objects and gives colour gradients to them based on the amount of heat released. And the result is a world in terms of “hot and cold” instead of “light and dark”.

Just the idea of heat vision on your iPhone sounds really cool. But the company has a whole array of scenarios where FLIR ONE can come in handy, even for normal users.

At home, you can use FLIR ONE to find warm areas in the insulation or windows to find air leaks and save energy. It helps you find moist areas many days before it starts moulding so that you can intervene in time. You can also use it to evaluate your car’s coolant and exhaust systems.


At work, if you are a realtor, you can prove the efficiency of heater and furnace systems easily by using FLIR ONE. Rule out any form of leaks right in front of your customers. Contractors can find problems with electric connections, insulations, water leaks, rodents and more right from the palm of the hand. Plumbers can locate pipes in walls and even pin point leaks or blocks in them.

FLIR ONE is also a good companion for adventures. While camping, it will help you find wild animals, fires, other tents and lost pets, right from the comfort of your tent.

These are just some of the possible uses you can have with the FLIR ONE. If you think you’ll enjoy using it, you can order one here for your iPhone 5 and 5S for $199.

FLIR ONE is coming soon for other iPhones and smartphones too and you can pre-register on their website. Read more on FLIR ONE.