16 gifts for mobile geeks


On April 17, 2014

Invited our friends from Geefts to curate a list of gift ideas for mobile enthusiasts. Did we miss anything? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments. hipKey Tracking Device and App The hipKey ($89) is a high tech way of keeping track of your valuables. Simply attach the device to the item of your […]

30 Amazing and Inspirational App Landing Pages


On April 22, 2013

So you have created an amazing mobile app and now all you need to do is share it with the rest of the world? Well creating a great landing page really heightens your chances of your app becoming successful. We have compiled a list of 30 app landing pages we think might be of inspiration to […]

10 must read books for iOS App developers


On March 11, 2013

Everyone knows that if you want to survive in the world of iOS development you need to be up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. We have asked long time app developers to share with us their favorite resources. So below is a list of ten books that all iOS App Developers should read, whether […]

Web Designing from Evolution to Revolution


On January 28, 2013

The term “web design” implies a great range of activities such as website planning, website creation, modeling, matching the right elements (fonts, banners, etc), coding, and arranging all pages in such a way that the end result will be a user-friendly and easy-to-use site. This infographic released by BrushLovers follows the journey of webdesign from […]

11 Awesome Digital Tools To Make Your Life Easier


On June 4, 2012

This bundle of productivity tools is one of the best values you’ll find on the web. It includes seven top mac apps PLUS another 4 amazing creative resources that will save you time and money. You get $570 worth of apps and resources for only $50. That’s 91% off! This deal will only be around […]

The First iPad 3 Retina Design Template (Free Download)


On March 6, 2012

Apple is gearing up to launch the iPad 3 tomorrow and it is all but confirmed that the iPad 3’s display is going to be a huge one in terms of resolution. The release of a retina screen will pose a problem that was seen when the iPhone 4 was released. Apps needed to include […]

Type faster with TextExpander for Mac – only $17!


On February 6, 2012

If you’re like a lot of people, there are likely a number of standard text snippets you use on a regular basis. TextExpander is the most popular Mac typing shortcut utility that saves you time and keystrokes. Just assign abbreviations to frequently-used snippets of text. Then, when you type the abbreviations they expand to the full text […]

Video Tutorial : Creating iPhone App Design Templates – Part 2


On January 28, 2012

This is the second part in the series of 2 tutorials on how to create custom designs for your iPhone app. You can view Part 1 here. In this tutorial, we shall design a ViewController similar to the image below. The ViewController will have a custom UIBarButtonItem that replaces the standard back button and a […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Top 32 Resources A Mobile App Developer Should Know About


On January 7, 2012

Here’s a very cool infographic for all you mobile development freaks out there from iPhone App Design: Copy this to Embed the Infographic on your site: [Source: iPhone App Design] This post was sponsored by Agiliq.com, They do Android app development. If you think they forgot something please add the links in the comments.

Professional iOS App Design Templates Bundle – $47 Instead of $280!


On January 4, 2012

The iOS App Store Top 10 list… the one list many developers would consider selling their firstborn child to be on. It’s a magical place, one that offers fame, fortune, and potentially hundreds of thousands of downloads. But the apps that have made the list don’t have super powers. They’re just regular apps, with one little […]