Get "Beginning iPhone Development" E-book For $10 (Today Only)!


On January 10, 2009

As part of their “eBook Deal of the Day” promotion, Apress has, for Saturday, January 10th, 2008 only, made Beginning iPhone Development by Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche available for $10 in e-book form. Click here to see the daily deal page. If it’s past January 10th, you will no longer see the book for […]

One iPhone Developer's Sales Figures Prove PR Works Best


On December 14, 2008

AppCubby, an indie developer of two popular iPhone applications – Trip Cubby and Gas Cubby – has put together a comprehensive blog post containing graphs and sales figures of their applications on the iPhone App Store. Entitled Financial Realities of the App Store, they look at the success (or not!) of advertising with MacWorld, AdMob […]

iPhone Developer Profiles


On December 9, 2008

As iPhone programmers, we have a collective credibility problem: none of us can point to years of experience and a deep showcase of examples, so it’s hard for potential clients to know which of us are capable and which of us aren’t. We’re introducing Mobile Orchard Profiles to help solve this problem: Profiles and Endorsements […]

iPhone Vector Pack: A Bumper Pack of iPhone UI Elements for Photoshop Mockups


On December 5, 2008

Freelance graphic design Renee Rist has put together the superb iPhone Vector Pack, a 2.8MB PSD file containing a mixture of vector-based and screenshot-derived elements for you to put together realistic iPhone interfaces and mockups in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Of the pack, Renee says: This iPhone Vector Pack was created entirely in Photoshop. The […]

CSSiPhone: Inspiration for your iPhone Web App Designs


On December 4, 2008

CSSiPhone is a new site that presents iPhone-format screenshots of iPhone-tailored sites. It follows in the vein of the hundreds of “CSS gallery” and other screenshot sites, but with the twist that it’s dedicated to the iPhone. I’ve personally found the regular CSS gallery sites very useful for getting design inspiration, and if you’re developing […]

Price and Popularity: The iPhone App Store's Data Show Who's Making The Most Money


On December 2, 2008

Mobile Orchard’s Dan Grigsby recently found an interesting way to analyze the data given out by the iPhone App Store – particularly in the areas of popularity and price. With this information, we’re going to derive a few conclusions about the economy behind iPhone applications as well as come up with some speculations.. This is […]

Jiggy: Develop Native iPhone Apps in JavaScript


On November 20, 2008

Jiggy bills itself as “the easiest way to create applications for the iPhone.” It’s an application building framework and set of libraries that allow you to develop iPhone applications in “minutes” using JavaScript. For those who find Objective C a bit of a chore (me!), the option of using JavaScript is refreshing. Of interest is […]

12 SQLite Resources for iPhone Developers


On November 12, 2008

There are plenty of different places to get a mobile application designed. The problem is that they’re quite expensive. You might be able to figure out how to create your own, but it will probably look very basic. Instead, a good mobile application development software can make it even easier, so that you can build […]

Insight Into Your Userbase: How People Really Use the iPhone


On November 11, 2008

Create with Context – a strategic research and design firm based in Silicon Valley – has conducted some research into how people use their iPhones and the apps on them. The result is How people really use the iPhone – a compelling 61 slide presentation. Create with Context’s findings come from a combination of in-lab […]

7 Novel and Inspiring iPhone App Concepts


On November 8, 2008

There are lots of tutorials and resources about for implementing features on the iPhone now, but what’s lacking is a little inspiration. What can you use your development abilities to produce? Even if you have a few ideas, it’s possible that you haven’t taken every single feature into consideration in order to come up with […]