Reflector 2 now lets you stream to YouTube from iPhone/iPad in real time


On August 20, 2015

Reflector 2 now allows users to stream content from their mobile devices to YouTube in real time. Anybody with a compatible smart phone or tablet can share their screens to YouTube and allow viewers to follow along as they broadcast presentations, in-class lessons, gameplay, video feeds and more. Reflector 2 is claimed to be the […]

The App Store is much better on iOS 8


On June 4, 2014

Apple conducted what they claim to be the “greatest WWDC since the App Store“, yesterday in San Francisco and among a hundred other things, they discussed the changes they’re bringing to the App Store in iOS 8. Though it took the spotlight for only three minutes in the two hour keynote, the new features are very […]

Top 5 iOS 8 features


On June 3, 2014

Apple gave an elaborate 2 hour keynote at the WWDC 2014 yesterday, covering OS X, iOS 8 and the revolutionary new tools for app developers. In case you missed the live stream, here is a hand picked list of our favorite new iOS 8 features. Continuity With the Continuity feature, your iPhone, iPad and Mac […]

Google about to launch Chrome Apps for Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store)


On January 29, 2014

Following the deployment of offline Chrome Apps last September (great news for Chromebook users) Google has launched today Chrome Apps for Android and iOS. For now, it is only an early developer preview based on the Apache Cordova toolchain, an open source framework to ease the creation of native mobile apps using just JavaScript, HTML […]

How to disable “Last Seen Timestamp” in iOS WhatsApp


On January 17, 2014

WhatsApp has lately become one of the most popular applications of conversation. With WhatsApp you can easily send pictures, video and audio files to friends. Like any other IM app, WhatsApp shows if the messages were sent and read, shows if a friend is online or not, but it also shows when he/she had last […]

Live Effects Enabler adds Live Filters to Camera application in iOS 7 for iPad and iPhone 4

Apple added in iOS 7 live filters that allow users not only to achieve pictures with them, but also to see some of the most awesome effects in real time. This option is available only on newer iPhones like from iPhone 4S and iPod Touch 5th generation above. Apple notes on its own website: Filters […]

MemeGen – Want To Create Funny Memes On iOS?

A new application coming from the team behind Imgur called MemeGen invites you to create memes wherever you are. A meme can be summarized as a superficial photo with a few lines of text on it. In reality, it is not just a joke, but also a meaningful image, irony or any other funny thing its creator wanted. Because […]

Apple gets a painful blow in 2014! Cost them tens of millions of dollars

The company is obliged to return the money to users. Apple Policy that allows you to buy things through applications, turns against them. The company was forced by U.S. authorities to pay a huge sum due to unauthorized purchases made ??in applications. Federal Trade Commission ruled that Apple to return 32.5 million dollars to clients […]

iOS 7.1 will allow deleting iOS updates downloaded but not installed, thus freeing valuable space


On January 15, 2014

One of the main problems left by Apple in iOS intentionally is that users, even if they do not want to install a newer version of the new operating system, they are obliged to keep it in their iPhones, occupying space for absolutely nothing. That happened with iOS 7 that was automatically downloaded to users […]

iPhone 6 – Possible 8MP Sensor With OIS


On January 14, 2014

The newest rumor about the iPhone 6 targets the photo sensor that will remain unchanged, according to sources in the production chain of Apple gadgets. Although it remains to 8MP sensor, the new iPhone 6 could surprise you with other new improvements to its camera. Apple may be one of the companies that refuse to […]